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Mogami Cables
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    IPS vs VA Panels on TVs (Brands, Series, Models) in India?

    https://www.gamingscan.com/ips-vs-tn-vs-va/ * I am hence more inclined towards the IPS pros as I will be keeping it at 4/5/6 feet for 4K UHD @100% * (Currently testing 43 4K at 3/4 feet - this will mostly be 50/55 4K a bit further using a reclining kind of seating). - * That means with...
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    GIK Acoustics now has distribution in India!!

    Guys, I just happened to get in touch with GIK folks in UK for getting their panels for my Room treatment. I was initially thinking that I need to import it which would end up in 2X the actual cost. But ,to my surprise their marketing manager told me that GIK now have a distributor in India...
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    Exchange Prices for Flat Panels ?

    Guys, Was wondering what would be the prices offered by dealers for your existing (can't say older):) flat TVs if you are looking for new purchases from them? Everywhere and every time I can see offers on CRTs (you know that 1.5k extra for non flat or 21" CRT kinda offers) but never seen...