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paradigm monitor 11

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. jake

    Upgrade to 5.1 , Paradigm Monitor 11 v7s

    Hello FMs, I have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11 v7s paired with a Yamaha A810 receiver. I plan to upgrade to a full 5.1 step by step. Currently i am looking for Paradigm Center Channel (Center 3), and set a pair of surrounds (Surround 3). Subwoofer i have not finalized , i...
  2. Jeanpher

    Wanted Pradigm Monitor center 1 (used or new)

    I am taking one step further in my HT setup by adding a center channel, my current components are Denon X2000 AVR with Paradigm Monitor 11 FS. In order to timber match my setup, i am looking for same series center channel, i.e., Paradigm Monitor center 1, used or new:)
  3. jake

    Help Regarding Paradigm Center 3 and Surround 3.

    Hi Gurus .I am thinking of completing my 5.1 HT set up which i had kept on hold for sometime due to non availability of dough :) . I already own a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11 s7s and a Yamaha A810 receiver. I am looking forward to buy a Paradigm center 3 and a pair of Surround 3s. Sub woofer...
  4. P

    Paradigm Monitor 11 or PSB Image T6 or ... ?

    I have a budget of around 60-70k for floor standing speakers to be paired with a A/V receiver. I am looking for speakers which are on the louder side with a good bass to listen to house, electronic, bollywood etc. I have tested all the below brands and liked the Paradigm Monitor 11 and the PSB...