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paradigm titan monitor

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers

    Is this a good offer?

    Hi , After a search for a dream combo of BS speakers and amp, I have zeroed in on Paradigm Titan Monitor and NAD 326. which roughly falls under 60 k with cables and connects without a cd player as I plan to buy it later. For now will use a cheap-ass LG DVD player. This is what has sounded...

    Search Search Search for the Perfect Stereo Setup

    Hi All, After some time now (2 months) I am deep into the world of search for a stereo setup (amp+bookshelf) What innocently started as an intent to review > shortlist> buy process has slowly become a passion. I am glued on to the forum most of the time on my phone and pc trying to gather...
  3. H

    Amplifier for Paradigm Titan monitor

    I am getting Paradigm Titan thru one of my friends. I am looking for amplifier now. I have auditioned Titan with CA 650A, which was good. I also listened couple of times with Yamaha AVR - A1000 in pure direct mode. CA was quite good in highs and mids. A1000 was good in highs. Would like to...