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  1. raghupb

    Allo Volt+D (Class D) Power Amp: My impressions and experiments

    Preface This post is a starter for my impressions on Allo Volt+D. It is not a review; I'm not qualified to do one. It is simply a bunch of thoughts that I can string through and hope it comes out cohesive. I've been interested in Class D amps. They hold great promise for the future. Nominal...
  2. R

    Marantz SR7011 AV Receiver for Stereo performance

    I have a pair of KEF R900 connected to a Marantz SR7011. Although an AV Receiver, it does a decent job in terms of Stereo performance. My main sources are Spotify and Youtube streamed via Airplay. Im also planning for a CD and Vinyl player. The issue is I feel the Stereo performance could be...
  3. saurabhpach

    Hunting for AV Rack

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy an AV rack, low profile, to support some new gear I'm getting. It needs to be strong and I should be able to dismantle & assemble it (I'm in the air force and hence move frequently). I liked the MARS AV Rack (photos attached) made by soundfoundations...
  4. bigron

    For Sale Parasound ZPRE3 - Stereo Pre-amplifier

    Hello Folks, For Sale is my brand new out of the box Parasound Zpre3 Stereo Pre-Amplifier. Condition and Functioning : 10/10 Since it is practically brand new. Only connected to ensure everything works as intended. I bought this with me and carried it along by hand on my recent trip overseas...
  5. D

    For Sale Peachtree Audio Nova 125SE with a built in DAC

    For sale a beautifully maintained peachtree audio Nova 125SE with a built in tube preamp stage switchable with a solid state preamp. Max Power 125W rms @8 Ohms and upto 200W @ 4Ohms. It is a true audiophile amp with a very different sound. Asynchronous 24bit/192KHz DAC and excellent headphone...
  6. bhagwan

    For Sale Parasound Z Dac - Silver - Rs. 26/-K

    Hello All ! I just sold my Bertram Optima Copper XLR Cable & took a Parasound Z DAC in exchange / buyback. I need to sell that Z DAC here. I tried to post a few pics here - hope they show up; <iframe width="480" height="360"...
  7. K

    How to Convince Your wife to let you buy Expensive Gear (MBL 116 Review).

    -----Edited to reduce the size. Will post the entire thing in a blog. When I heard the MBL 116, they Blew me away instantly, I had previously heard the MBL 101 but they were boomy and the bass was overwhelming the detail in the music. I later learnt that this was because of the small room I...
  8. R

    Rotels driving Dynaudio?

    Hi, In my continuing quest to find suitable amplification for Dynaudio Audience speakers I was recommended to check out the Rotel 1572 and 1550 together. Has anyone heard Rotel's combined with Dynaudio, particularly these two models? In my experience thus far I have never heard a Class D...