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passive 3d

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. B

    Active 3D or Passive 3D( LED TV)??

    Which one you like??
  2. B

    Active 3D or Passive 3D( LED TV)??

    Which one you support in general...
  3. B

    Entry level 47 inch 3D LED TV (passive)

    Hi, I have identified 2 entry level 47 inch 3D LED TV (passive only no active 3D pls). -- Sony KDL-47W850A -- LG LA6200 planning to buy any one in next 2-3 months... (selling items to create fund for this :D) I need help from forum members... 1) Add to list some more options. 2)...
  4. G

    Sony KDL-55/47/42 W800A - Owners and Aspirants

    I have a 32" LG80FR TV at home bought in 2009. After 4+ years I am now looking for a 55" LED 3D TV. I have narrowed down on Sony KDL-55W800A. I see that many here have already bought this TV and encouraging fellow HFV members to go ahead. I thought I would list out the resources that I found on...
  5. R

    2013 Sony passive 3D LED Televisions

    Many of you might know that Sony has opted for 'Passive 3D' technology for 3D models launched this year. So, I'm starting this thread to encourage discussions on the topic. Owners can share their experience & pundits can talk about pros/cons for the benefit of HFV visitors. Passive 3D models...
  6. mayhem

    Bravia HX750 successor - W802A

    Creating this separate thread so that there is less confusion in the W900 thread. Starting with a link to a review video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-nhCCTqm2s