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AV Cables
  1. saikatbiswas82

    Where to get Peerless drivers

    Hi All, I've checked diyaudiocart and could not find any stock for good subwoofer and midbass drivers from Peerless. Does anyone have any information on how to get them? Any pointer will be helpful. Thanks, Saikat
  2. S

    which tweeter/woofer is good and why

    Between Peerless - 5.25" High fidelity 8 Ohm woofer - SKO130 and Peerless - 5.25" Coated Paper Cone Woofer - M13NH Between Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT and Peerless - 25mm Silk DomeTweeter - TL25SN and Peerless - 26mm Silk Dome Tweeter - TL26SG Please...
  3. S

    Peerless driver for HT

    Hi, I want to build 1 centre speaker and 2 rear speaker. Only movie purpose and My AVR is Yamaha RX V-371. what will be best driver to build those. Tweeter section already choose Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT For woofer i am confused please help me on this...
  4. B

    My New DIY Project: 3-Way Floorstander

    3-Way Floorstander using Peerless S20NI, SKO130 and Vifa BC25TG15-04
  5. R

    Full range drivers available in India

    My Salute to Suri, soundsgreat and other masters of DIY speakers here... I wanted to help my cousin buy a pair of full range drivers for a project he is working on.... he is looking for 6" or above sized drivers.... Somewhere in the forum I have read Peerless, Philips(only from Pune?)...