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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. M

    Restoration of Old Philips radio

    Hi I am based in Mumbai, and looking for someone who can restore my old Philips radio, preferably in Mumbai. Manoj
  2. amit11

    mini hifi systems like sony, philips etc

    Hi Friends, Today i just read a thread about class D amplifier, and it triggered a question again in me which i always had in my mind but never found any answer. (though i did not attempt to find aswell) it is related to mini hifi systems like sony, philips etc, sometimes we call them as deck...
  3. S

    For Sale Philips Fidelio X2

    Description: It's one of the best open back dynamic headphones; with a deeper (and still musical bass presence) unlike most open-back headphones in this price category . hi-res (5hx - 40khz), 50mm dynamic driver. Extremely comfortable velour earmuffs. Please see reviews on-line...it is easily...
  4. K

    Latest updates on entrants for big TVs? (60" or higher only)

    Even since it was announced that Philips was going to launch 65" FHD at 60K and 65" UHD at 70K exclusively with Amazon, I've looked for them almost every week but it seems all news around it goes back to the press releases from the first week of August. I'd also heard of LeEco acquiring...
  5. A

    New connectors needed (Philips surround sound amp)

    Hi, Apologies for my first being an 'I need help' question! I need to purchase some (htib) connectors for my Philips surround system (Philips lx3600d). Can anyone help point me in the right direction to find these? Thanks, Andy
  6. baala

    Check Usage hours of Philips 29PFL4738 LED TV

    Dear All: I have ordered a Philips 29PFL4738 LED TV through Paytm and awaiting delivery sometime this week. Can someone please help me with the procedure to check the 'used hours' of this TV. If you know it for any similar models also please let me know. It will almost be same for most of...
  7. S

    Need help choosing my first HT!

    Hi All I am planning to buy my 1st ever HT. my budget is 15k, can extend to 18k. below information might help you guiding me. Room size is not so big, 100 sq. ft. Mostly will be used for watching movies using pen drive. Will use it with my Airtel DTH, some HD channels provide Dolby...
  8. A

    Best budget 5.1 Bluray home theater?

    Hello, I'm planning a buy an ultrabudget Bluray home theater on the price range~Rs.15-20,000. Some models I shortlisted - 1. Philips 3520 2. Philips 5520 3. LG BH6731S 4. JBL BD100 Any good or bad experiences with above models? Any suggestions for the Theatre? Also, can these home...
  9. E


    Hi guys, I am about to purchase a philips 42PFL4150 due to its cost (around 33K), moderate brand name and also 3 years warranty which company is providing these days. My uses are mostly watching matches and movies. Nowhere I could find whether it has a backlit or edge-lit panel. Can you guys...
  10. S

    Philips 40PFL5059 vs Toshiba 40L2400

    Hey guys... Need some help. I'm on the hunt for a 40" LED TV to go with my PS4 and PS3... So far, I have shortlisted these 2 models :- Philips 40PFL5059/7 101.6 cm (40) Full HD LED Toshiba 40L2400 101.6 cm (40) Full HD LED Please tell me which of these 2 will be better? I have a...
  11. S

    40" led tv

    Hey guys... Please help me out... I'm on the hunt for a 40" inch LED TV to go with my PS3 and PS4. My budget is around 30k. So far, I have shortlisted these 2 TVs :- Philips 40PFL5059 102 cm (40.2) LED TV Toshiba 40L2400 101.6 cm (40) LED TV Which of these will be the better choice...
  12. L

    philips 40PFL5059..dead in 4 months

    Hi All. i am new to forum and really need help. i bought 40PFL5059 in november 2014 from Flipkart with 3 year warranty. around 15 days back suddenly TV screen went all white..while it was running..i registered my complaint to CC via online chat and an engineer (if you can call that guy an...
  13. M

    philips home theatre users

    starting thread for philips home theaatre. seeing this forum, everyone hating philips,sony brands over onkyo,yamaha and some things. we cant get all gud things in those brands within budget wen compared to philips,sony:clapping:
  14. D

    Used Bose Lifestyle 20 vs. basic modern 5.1 for background music

    A small cafe (600 sqft) requires an installation for a background music via AUX cable from an iPad. How sound performance of an old used top-of-range system compares to a basic modern system? Bose Lifestyle 20 Music System (???W RMS) vs. Philips HTB5510D 1000W RMS (166W sub), Panasonic...
  15. S

    Help for a budget HTiB under 20K

    Dear Members, I am looking for a cheap and decent home theatre to pair with my 32 inch LED TV, which is placed in a 20x11 feet living room. The main reason I am going for such a system to increase the volume as the TV's volume is not that great especially when the children in the house...
  16. R

    Want to buy a new Home Theater

    Hi All, I want to buy a best home theater for my FULL HD LG LV3730 LED TV to get a best theater effects experience. My Specifications: My Price Range Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 /- 5.1 Home Theater with Digital Optical input *DVD/Blueray player not required :) Excellent Bass/Treble.. it...
  17. W

    Wanted Philips 932 HiQ International Turntable with amplifier and speakers

    I am looking for a Philips 932 HiQ International Turntable with built-in Amplifier and original Speakers in good working condition. I understand this is vintage stuff, but am interested in personally owned and well cared for unit with minimal repairs. Please PM me if you know of someone...
  18. S

    can i use ipod in Philips MCD135/51 ?

    hi planning to buy philips mcd 135/31. Can i use ipod touch via usb in this model ? if i can, will the remote work when ipod is connected ? thanks Sridhar
  19. RMCWS

    Excited about PHILIPS AF 834

    This forum is becoming very expensive for me. Its not been a year I have joined, and I am getting addicted to AV more and more. I have bought PHILIPS AF 834 from Shafic. It will be hand delivered to me in the first week of December. This is my first step (at least directly) in the TT...
  20. prepress

    For Sale PHILIPS Professional Headphone and Mic

    Hi, Selling of my Philips Headphone and Stereo Mic . Both items are in perfect condition and look like new, Headphone used for 2-3 hours (watched a movie at night), Mic never used. 1. PHILIPS SBC 3150 Stereo Headphone: Adjustable, Padded leatherette ear cushions, 2 Meter long wire. Comes...