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  1. G

    My new setup, posting pictures of SONUS 6305, SIA 310 !

    My new setup, posting pictures of SONUS 6305 v3, SIA 310 ! From bottom to top Pioneer SG-9 Graphic Equaliser, SIA 310 amplifier, philips CDP
  2. A

    Need Assistance on Home theater set up

    Hi All, I need some guidance on choosing a home theater system. I have a Samsung LED which has optical audio output. Without having knowledge on optical output, I bought Philips ( Model: Dsp65u) home theater which has 96w RMS power. So now I cant able to connect my TV with this home...
  3. E

    32" Full HD LED TV within 35K

    Hello guys, I am looking for a 32 inch Full HD LED television with natural colours and good contrast and motion performance. Smart functions like Internet are NOT required as I will only be using the TV for watching regular channels and HD movies either via DVD or USB. DLNA however is...
  4. H

    Philips LED TV

    Hi, I am new to this website and just came across it while searching for reviews for a tv I was interested in buying. Going through the forums I felt I should register ask my query here :) I was interested in buying Philips LED tv 42PFL6577. Does anyone have any experience using this TV...
  5. A

    Want to Buy a HT (Cost Range: 20K - 25K)

    Hi All, I am planning to buy an HT within a price range of 20K-25K. Seriously speaking i am googling since 6 months to choose a best product. Initially i want to purchase SONY product (SONY BDV-E880). Still i am finding that product is fine for me. Also i had a look on a an LG...
  6. V

    My Philips HTS 4750 gave me a shock

    My HTIB Philips 4750, after giving some symptoms, hanged permanently a fortnight back. To my disappointment, the service engineer from Philips whom I approached privately has expressed his doubts of revival of the system as the system "has been discontinued". If at all it is repaired...
  7. t.antony

    For Sale Few loudspeaker drivers for DIY: Peerless India, Pioneer, Bolton...

    I am planning to sell few from my driver collection since I am running out of storage space and lack of time(and interest) for the projects I bought them for. Most of these were picked from various shops at Bangalore, Mumbai & Kerala in the past few years. Prefer Bangalore buyers, as I have...
  8. S

    Sony DAV-DZ510/610 Vs. Philips HTS5550/5540

    Hello, happy new year! I'm looking to buy a "simple" HTS. Don't have a LCD/LED TV for HD connection yet, however would like to have HDMI output in the player for 'future-proofing'. Not looking for Blu-Ray. Narrowed down my choices to the following. Sony DAV-DZ510 - MRP Rs.19,990...
  9. W

    Philips 32" PFL5505 Full HD

    Folks, After scouting hard to get a Philips 32" 5609, I ended up buying a Philips 32" PFL5505 Full HD. There is no Philips authorized dealer here in Pondicherry, so had to source this set from a Philips distributor. Initial impressions: Vibrant colors, nice SD clarity but sound is not so...
  10. A

    Speaker repair in New Delhi

    Hi. This is my first post to this forum. I recently moved to Delhi and have been meaning to give my speakers for repair. I moved from Bangalore, where my regular guy was unreachable for a very long time. These speakers are about 25 years old, back when they made them in hard solid wood. The...
  11. K

    Philips dealer feedback - efarsales, worli

    Got my new tv philips 42pfl7409 today from Efarsales (philips arena in worli Naka). Great Tv:) , I will post pictures and review soon in relevant section soon. Very good experience with the dealer overall whether it was their behaviour, flexibility allowed to test the tv in the store and finally...
  12. S

    Philips HTS compare HTS3366 and HTS3571

    Hi People, This Diwali I am planning of buying a Home Theater System, Let me tell you about where it would be used and for what purpose. I have a living room in L shape, the rectangular area usable for Home Theater would be 10x14 feet, I want to use it for Music as well as for...
  13. V

    speaker upgrade philip MCD190

    Gurus, Started going thru various forums on this site 3 weeks ago. Already a big fan. Am a novice and please bear with me if you find the question silly. Have philips mcd190 micro system. Want to replace the two speakers with some real ones. Can I get some advice on how to go about it...
  14. S

    hi..just joined,,need help on HT buying

    hi folks. this is my first post...i just joined the group...i am a beginner vis a vis u veterans...need to buy a home theatre for music and movies.this is my usage pattern... i wd be watching movies thru cable..tata sky mostly...once a week thru DVD..might be pirated ..not sure on that.. i...