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phono cartridge

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. D

    Need a Turntable! Max budget 50K. Complete Noob in vinyls!

    HI, I was looking to get myself a turntable as I happened to chance upon some fantastic records bestowed very graciously by a friend of a friend of a friend. They'd happened to be cleaning out their closet and decided that there was no point hanging on to vinyl since all music is now available...
  2. peace_sells

    SOLD Nagaoka MP-110 Phono cartridge

    ***Update: Sold to FM*** Hi everyone, For sale is MM cartridge Nagaoka MP-110. It's in brand new condition. Asking price: 12000 INR. Technical specifications: Output voltage: 5mV (5cm / sec) Frequency characteristics: 20Hz ~ 20kHz Channel separation: 23dB (1KHz) Channel balance: 1.5dB below...
  3. plasmoid

    For Sale Brand new Audio Technica AT440MLB Microline Cartridge

    Posting on behalf of a friend. Was bought on Amazon USA. He is most of the time in Saudi so he has left the cart with me Reason for sale : He bought 2 of the same and decided to sell one and go in for a different cart. Location : Bangalore Shipping : Not open to shipping. He prefers if the...
  4. cybervinay

    For Sale High End Phono Cartridges for Sale, Ortofon Cadenza Red, Nagaoka MP-500, AT-Mono3/LP

    I am selling three of high end phono cartridges. I have described each cartridge condition very honestly. Review the below information and buy only if you trust me on the description. I have a good reputation and would like to maintain it. Ortofon - Cadenza Red MC Phono Cartridge I bought...
  5. vinylhead

    MC Cartridge retipping help

    Hi, I have Lyra Lydian Beta MC cartridge, while cleaning my turntable the cloth got stuck to cartridge (which was not protected) and accidently the diamond tip came off and is lost. Wanted help regarding retipping experts available in india (mumbai preferable) who can retip my cartridge.
  6. L

    For Sale Audio Technica AT112EP Phono Cartridge "as-is"

    I have an Audio Technica AT112EP Phono Cartridge in "as-is" condition for sale: http://imageshack.com/a/img856/9324/icm0.jpg Please take a good look at the picture - the blue plastic housing of the stylus has broken, and the stylus cantilever is also bent/damaged. Replacement stylus model...
  7. vinylhead

    Wanted Used or New Shure M97xE Phono Cart

    Hi, Wanted Shure M97xE Phono cartridge new or used ,also if someone has Shure M91ED stylus or Phono Cart do let me know.:) Rajesh