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phono preamp

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. Pavan1112


    Price : 14,500 • Brand New (220v) • Bought on 26/10/2019 • Delivered on 14/11/2019 • Original Invoice from Schiit available • Reason For Sale : Bought a Pro-Ject Phono while waiting for this to arrive. Prepare to rewrite the value equation in phono preamplifiers. Schiit’s new Mani gives...
  2. ravikumar-rotel

    SOLD For Sale: PS Audio DAC, Schiit Mani+Schiit RCA cables, QED XLR, Pioneer BDP 450D

    Hello All, Have put the below items for sale with their prices. Reason for sale: Upgrading to Higher End Audio gear. Please note none of the below items have been repaired/serviced and have been maintained very well using a vortex voltage servo stabiliser with an isolation transformer to avoid...
  3. R

    Tube Amplifier and Tube pre-Amplifier Builds

    Instead of opening several threads, I will post all my Tube related projects in this one. Hope this will be useful for other DIYs and members. I’m posting the information after I tested and confirmed. I welcome fellow members to share their ideas and comments. The Christiansen "DG" 300B...
  4. J

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 551P Phono Pre-Amp

    I am posting on behalf of my friend who has a Cambridge Audio 551P phonostage for sale. Had taken pictures a while back but he was undecided to sell since he was out of the country for 6 months. I have heard this phono pre and can say that for the price it is excellent and not much to find fault...
  5. A

    Got SCHIIT Mani Phono

    After listening lot of positive reviews online, decided to try it & ordered Mani from Headphone Zone on 3rd evening and today i received it at my office address through bluedart, it is fast then amazon i think. Opened it up, looking good and solid :licklips:, plugged it on power socket and...
  6. Hassan Khani

    For Sale Arcam A28 Integrated Amplifier

    Hi, Available for Sale Arcam A28 Integrated Amplifier. Excellent condition an year old. No Warrantly left. This unit has a Phono input. Accessories -> Remote Control Only. Detailed specification @ A28 - Integrated Amplifiers - Arcam Expected Price : 65K Since does not have...
  7. aravindrr

    Wanted Phono pre amp

    I am looking for a phono pre amp.. Volume from my TT is very low even if I use the in-built phono pre amp output. Hence I am trying to connect an external phono pre amp to test and use.
  8. M

    Suggest a turntable and phono preamp

    Hello everybody, I am new here. Joined recently. At present I have a Dayton Audio DTA-1 (class-T) amp with a pair of Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers: frequency 70Hz-20Khz, impedance :8 ohms with recommended amp power of 5 to 40 watts, both purchased from Dayton Audio online. Now I intend...
  9. A

    MM Phono Pre-Amp

    Hi, I have Pro-Ject RPM 1.3, planning to build a Phono Pre-Amp. Please help me in getting the required PCB and Kits. I am based out from Bangalore, where can I get the required materials. Thanks, Ananth
  10. S

    Pearl2 Phono

    Completed assembling Pearl2 phono clone a few days back. Here are some pics: (One PCB per channel. Neutrik RCA, Belden 2 core shielded wire for input/output) (22-0-22 RCore with unregulated power supply PCB housed in a separate box) The phono circuit is designed by Wayne...
  11. M

    LCR Phono DIY Anyone?

    In pursuit of Vinly Nirvana, the last few years has seen me try out a myriad of phono stages in my set up. My current phono's (both very good): Ray Samuels' F117 & Monk Audio are superb at their price points. Have been very happy with both. But, knowledge, is like the bite of the biblical...
  12. D

    Please Help: Phono Preamp for my Sonodyne 4000D Turntable

    Hi All, I am newbie to the world of turntables. I just inherited a huge collection of LP's/EP's from my uncles and my dad while my old house was being cleared. I am a music buff but records are completely new to me. Along with the LP's I also inherited a Sonodyne 4000D Record Player. Now...
  13. denzong

    For Sale USB Dac, Apple iPod, Behringer pre phono, wharfedale evo8 BS speakers

    Hi All, Selling the following. no low balling and no negotiations. if seller is out of mumbai then pays for shipping. 1. NU Force USB Dac. its about a year old. maybe used for 6 months. inside the cupboard from 6 months. don't have packing material but i am sure i can pack it the way you...
  14. M

    For Sale Mint condition Cambridge Audio Azur 640P Phono Preamp

    I am the original owner and this was always my backup phono amp and is less than a year old and used less than 10 hrs. This is an MM/MC phono and the operation is very quite with excellent detail during playback. I recently upgraded to a PS Audio GCPH, so this has to go as I have one too many...
  15. TaureanBull

    Preamp for TT or Integrated Amp???

    Hi guys I am planning to buy a TT. Budget 15-20k. Can anyone tell me abt Numark TT-200?? Howz the piece? or should i go for Denon DP-300F/ProJect Debut III? More importantly, I was planning to buy NAD PP2/PP3 phone preamp but I realised that Marantz PM 7001 which also I am planning to buy...