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pioneer 610

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    Eureka: CD/FLAC/MP3 to DVD-Audio

    This is going to be a lengthy post. The objective of the post is to help you in converting your CD/FLAC/MP3 to DVD-Audio. Caveat: 1. Converting MP3/FLAC/CD will not improve the audio quality to DVD-A. The reason for this conversion is as below: a. CD ==> DVD-A lets you store many CDs...
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    5.1 output from Pioneer 610

    Hi all, I am planning to replace my existing philips DVD player with pioneer 610. My present player support both Dolby Prologic II & Dolby Digital. Whenever i play MP3(stereo), i get output on 5.1 channels. Pioneer user manual says it supports Dolby digital and DTS, does it also supports...