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pioneer amp

Home Theatre Systems
  1. P

    Choose between Pioneer VSX-323 Yamaha YHT 196

    Hi friends, I looking for HT setup in budget(tried used AVR but dropped that idea). Found these two ones 1. YHT-196, 2. Pioneer VSX-323K (have to add speakers). This might not be good to compare AVR and HT, but comparison of both AVR seems good . I auditioned YHT 196 two times. The bass...
  2. gauthamnaidu

    Pioneer RS 33

    Hello... i have been doing some research regarding this HT system...but since its a new launch i dont see many posts regarding this (infact i think im the only one posting about it :sad: ) so im trying to gather some support regarding the setup and tweaking of the same hope someone might...
  3. J

    Acoustic Research Integrated Amplifier

    I have an AR amp from the 70's maybe, which has not been working. The power transistors had blown once before and I had got them replaced (with 2N3055s) by a repairer in Altamount Road, who did a very good job. He is no longer there. It worked good for maybe 15 years after that with no...
  4. D

    Kimber Kable Dealer in Delhi and Installation of Pioneer Amp

    I have B&W 683 series speakers with a Pioneer Elite SC-27 Amp. Where could I get Kimber Kable in Delhi (other than A2V) and who could install the Pioneer Amp professionally but inexpensive. DB