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  1. I

    Pioneer BDP-180

    Took the plunge yesterday and ordered the Pioneer BDP-180 model from Vector Systems in Hyderabad. Will be delivered in a weeks time. Lots of positive feedback for BDP-170 in the forum triggered the decision:D My needs were primarily DVD / HDD playback. I was initially looking to pick a DVD...
  2. prepress

    For Sale Pioneer PL 12 Turntable

    Hi friends, Again up for sale a Pioneer PL-12 Belt Drive Turntable, another opportunity if you missed this last time. Received this turntable TODAY from our reputed forum member Mr. Shafic (He shipped this turntable to me 3 days back). His sale thread for this TT is here, please have a look...
  3. K

    Will these Andrew Jones speakers go with my Pioneer receiver?

    Hi, I am a beginner here. Have been trying to understand the basics of Home theatre but the more I read the more I get confused. SO I will clearly lay out my concern now. I already bought Pioneer vsx 924 - Its specification says 135 W/ch (6 ohms 1 kHz THD 1.0 % 1ch Driven) 75 W/ch (8 ohms...
  4. V

    Pioneer VSX 329 + 2 pairs of Pioneer BS22 + S-51W

    I'm planning a HT setup for around Rs. 50k-55k budget. I have shortlisted following HT components AV Receiver - Pioneer VSX 329 Subwoofer - Pioneer S-51W Center Channel - Pioneer C22 Front and Surround speakers - Pioneer BS22 1. Is the AV receiver suitable for the above speakers? Or do...
  5. I

    Audition Help Required

    Hello to all members... I am new to this forum and have been reading around several threads.. and the wonderful first hand information of products around. I am looking to buy an entry level floor standing speakers and possibly a subwoofer. I have read multiple reviews of the Andrew...
  6. R

    PAYTM Shopping

    Has anyone used paytm for shopping? I have done recharges and most gone successfully through. Incase of issues they do offer cashback in wallet. But im not quite sure whether to purchase products from them which they have recently started selling. Im interested in purchasing a car stereo i.e...
  7. A

    Norge 1000 & Pioneer FS

    hi i am selling my norge gold 1000 & pioneer floor standing set up in mint condition. A very good setup and produce awesome stereo music comparable to very highend setups. PM if any one interested. :):)
  8. S

    Safe AVR for my expensive TV [50- 80k budget]

    Hi friends, I need your help in finding out the best AVR for my first home theater system. Here are some details TV : Sony 4K KD-55X8500B [55"] Room size : medium Location: Bangalore Budget : 50 - 80K blu ray Movies : 60%, HDTV: 30%, Music : 10% I did audition high end Q-acoustic...
  9. A

    Help me find the best ht solution

    I have a small room, and I bought a 4k tv (lg 49ub850t). Now I want great sound experience along with it. Recommend me a sound system keeping in mind that my room size is very small. it is 12*14 ft room in which i have a 6*7bed and the remaining 13*6 ft area is left for ht setup. the ceiling...
  10. S

    For Sale AVR Pioneer VSX-523(Indian) + S51W Subwoofer

    For sale due to upcoming move abroad in 2 weeks are: 1)AVR Pioneer VSX-523(Indian): With all accessories bought last October. very powerful AVR with a neutral sound. 4 HDMI in,USB port supporting iPad and iPhone,4K Ultra HD Pass-ThroughHDMI stand by pass through etc. Used to play music from...
  11. N

    Which DAC should work for a better quality audio?

    Hi all, I would like to get your expert advise on inbuilt DAC of Onkyo receiver VS Pioneer BDP-170; below my setup: Pioneer BDP-170; connected to my ONKYO HT-R390 receiver by HDMI cable; with Pioneer Andrew Jones FS-52 floor standers. I'm using this same setup for my stereo music (Audio...
  12. N

    SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 VS Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

    I've to decide between: 1) SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 floor stander + their center 2) Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones floor stander + Pioneer SP-C22 Center What I have: 1) Onkyo entry level HT-S3400 (HT-R390 AVR) - I'll upgrade this to a better quality Denon / Yamaha AVR later; say next year...
  13. N

    How is "Pioneer Andrew Jones SPBS 22 LR Bookshelf " for my Onkyo HT-S3400?

    Hi All, I would like to upgrade front speakers for my Onkyo HT-S3400 entry level HTiB. I came across Pioneer Andrew Jones designed SPBS 22 LR Bookshelf speakers under 10K. is that a good deal? will these speakers perform better than my onkyo supplied fronts? HTiB model No: HT-S3400...
  14. N

    jamo c 600 series and elac sub 50 esp and pioneer vsx 522

    Hey friends , I'm new to this forum and to the hifi world. I got a ht setup consisting of a panasonic 42"plasma tv jamo c605 front c60 centre sur 60 surrounds and a elac sub esp 50 connected to a pioneer vsx 522. Can anyone suggest me the proper crossover settings for my system and other...
  15. S

    Help required for setting up my first home theatre !

    Hi guys ! I am from chennai. Till today, I was just a follower of this wonderful forum and followed quite a bit of discussions. Iam too very eager to set up a home theatre in my home and searched for some decent setups on the internet. I feel this forum will surely help me in setting up my HT...
  16. A

    Subwoofer for Pioneer VSX 329

    I have Pioneer VSX329K with Boston Acoustics A25 as fronts. I want to add a subwoofer to it. What should i buy and from where Using the AVR with HTPC Room size-12 * 15 Budget 20K-25K
  17. S

    Pioneer HTP-072 - Worth it?

    Hi guys, I am planning to get a HTiB system within the budget of 30K. Pioneer HTP072 has great specs on paper, haven't demoed it though, and is well within my budget. My question: Is there any red-herring I should pay attentions to? Any shortcomes to this model? Or anything else...
  18. rkperumala

    Marantz 1504 Vs Pioneer VSX 823

    Hi there, Last week I almost went to a store to buy Marantz 1504+ Soundware Xs 5.1 for 54K in Hyderabad. I thought a little research more is worth & decided to postpone my buying of Home Theater. :ohyeah::D:), Which i'll be doing this weekend. I was looking at HifiMart website (India's...
  19. S

    demo of Pioneer Speakers in Mumbai

    Hi, I am interested in trying out and buying the Andrew Jones series speakers in Mumbai. I have called up The Store and Viola but they were not able to help me with Pioneer. I tried calling Boomerang as it was listed in an older thread as being dealers of Pioneer but the number listed does...
  20. N

    Suggestions for Home theater setup - Budget ~ 35K

    Hi I am planning to revamp my entertainment sytem in my Living room. Finalized on Samsung 40 incher LED. Shall get it in a couple of weeks. Now want to set up a killer home theater to go with it.:) Room Dimensions 18x10. Pls suggest a good set of speakers along with the ideal AVR. I have...