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  1. S

    Pioneer vsx 923 eq help

    hi, i was wondering if its possible to change the equalizer settings like you do in the Icontrolav app without using the phone app just like this http://pioneer.jp/product/soft/iapp_icontrolav2ipad/img/img04.jpg that was a picture from the phone app, i change the eq to full on everything...
  2. K

    For Sale Marantz SR-5002 A/V Receiver & Pioneer DV-610AV DVD/SACD Player - (Musical match)

    Willing to sell individually. I have original box packing for both the components. Marantz SR-5002 - AV Receiver: Age - Bought in Oct '09 (~ 4yrs) Accessories - all as per box - antenna, mic for calibration, manuals, remote (Remote works partially, due to a battery leak. would...
  3. J

    Pioneer SX-2700 Sound Problems

    I am new to these forums and was wondering if someone can help me solve my issue. the issue is that when audio plays back it crackles a little bit, but the sound is not unbearable so I opened my amp to check if something was wrong and the first thing I noticed was that one of the parts appears...
  4. R

    Car Head Unit + A pair Of 6.5inch Speakers

    I wanted to buy A HU+Speakers for my very old maruti omni. I wanted to know whether its possible to get HU+speakers(pair) under 6-7K. My current System is very old(no usb, aux). I wanted to get a new one. I was looking at: Head Unit: Pioneer - DEH-X1690UB - Car Stereo : Rs. 4315...
  5. G

    Pioneer VSX-323 AVR + Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 Speakers !

    Hey guys, So im interested in buying a Home Theatre After reading a lot of hifivision articles and reviews for different speakers and AVRs i have zeroed in on the Pioneer VSX-323 AVR with the Boston Acoustics Soundware-XS 5.1 speakers. Now Im good with sound but at the moment im not good...
  6. jls001

    New Active Studio Monitors S-DJ X line from Pioneer

    Expected to be launched soon in the country: RA News: Pioneer introduces new studio monitor line
  7. RMCWS

    HTiB vs Separates - What should I go for within 30-35K?

    Hello everyone, My requirement and purpose of a Home Theater is for movies (50%) and music (50%). Sources for most of the movies will be USB/ HDD and will be using my HD STB for tv channels. I will be setting up the HT in my drawing room which is 210 sq ft. (i.e. 17x12 ft). I have a Sony 40"...
  8. C

    yamaha hts 298 vs pioneer rs 32 vs onkyo 4505

    yamaha hts 298 vs pioneer rs 32 vs onkyo 4505 budget 35-40k 60% music 40% movies More inclined towards the floor standing rs 32
  9. F

    ICE reco for Honda City Corporate Edition

    Dear All, I have got the delivery of my Honda City CE last week and i am looking out for a nice ICE setup. My Criteria - Aesthetics(Most Important) Touch screen Good SQ Navigation (can trade off if i can connect my Android phone and use its map ex- AppMode etc) BT calling facility...
  10. A

    Pioneer BDP-150 - Problems with BluRay playback

    Has anyone experienced a problem with the Pioneer BDP BluRay players where the playback just freezes? The only way to recover the player is to unplug the mains cable from the back. The unit is less than 4 weeks old.:sad: Any advice?
  11. kittu8_in2002

    Amp for Pioneer TS-G624::plz suggest

    I bought a Kenwood HU model KDC-U353A along with pioneer speakers TS-G624 specs for the speakers are :: Specifications TS-G624 Size 16cm Max. Music Power (Nominal) 250W (40W) Frequency Response 31 Hz to 29 kHz Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 90 db Impedance 4 ? Mounting Depth 42mm...
  12. S

    Pioneer HTP-822ES - Opinions

    Hi folks, I'm setting up a HT and am a newbie at this. I want to begin with audio. My need is mostly movies with a little bit of music thrown in (80:20). What do you think of the new Pioneer HTP-822ES? HTP-822ES | Pioneer Has anyone auditioned this set? I'm looking for good details and a...
  13. H

    How good is Pioneer RS30 HTiB?

    Hello gents, I am planning to buy a new HT setup for the bedroom and am looking to spend around 40k on this. I have auditioned the following: 1. Pioneer RS30 (INR 36k, reliance digital), 2. Onkyo 3400 / 3500 (INR 28k / 30k, The Shop, Mumbai) and 3. Denon 1312 (INR 33k, The Shop...
  14. N

    Where to buy sp-fs51-lr

    Hello Everyone, I have been thinking of buying the Pioneer Floorstanding speaker sp-fs51-lr that has been receiving a lot of positive reviews. I want it to the Denon RCD N7. I have been searching unsuccessfully all over the internet and forums looking for a place where I can get it in...
  15. A

    Onkyo HTS-3500 or Pioneer HTP-RS40

    Let me introduce my self here in this forum as this is my first post here. I am Arjun working as SE in MNC in bangalore. I love clear & crisp music with good base. Let me just say i love quality music in everything right from TV shows, games on PS3, Music CDs and Movies. It my dream since i was...
  16. S

    Wanted Cassette Deck

    I am looking for Yamaha/Pioneer/Teac/Sony twin cassette deck and Equalizer in good condition. Please revert me back if some one interested in selling.
  17. P

    How good is this "Pioneer VSX-RS320-K"

    Hi Somebody is selling this Pioneer VSX-RS320-K for Rs.16500 with Bill and warranty. How good is the product and how good is the deal? Appreciate your suggestions, Thanks in advance, Shiva
  18. G

    Need help choosing between 2 configurations

    Hi, I received 2 quotes from 2 different vendors for a Speaker + AVR setup. How do the below 2 configurations rate in terms of quality & value for money? Any other configuration recommendations is also welcome. QTY PRICE/QTY...
  19. Y

    Best Bookshelf speakers with in 2k to 4k bracket??

    I was basically targeting the Dayton Audio B652s. However the customs and the shipping charges isn't that appealing. So now the question, do we get Pioneer SP BS 21 in India? Link -http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-SP-BS21-LR-Watt-2-Way-Speaker/dp/B004MEWZE4. What is my best bet as compared to...
  20. iRock

    What to buy ... Onkyo SR608 or NR609 or Pioneer 1021k

    Hello Folks.. I am in serious dilemma. I want to buy my first dedicated AVR and I am not sure what to buy. So far i have shortlisted 1. Onkyo NR609 2. Pioneer 1021K These fit my budget perfectly and seems to offer great vfm. Feature set is mostly identical on both these receivers...