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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. S

    What is your subwoofer placement?

    Hi, My HT is a dedicated room of 13 feet width x 14.5 feet length. I sit 12.5 feet away from front wall (1.5 feet away from back wall). This is my subwoofer placement story. My experience is that placement of a subwoofer affects low frequency experience beyond your imagination. I always knew...
  2. shyamsn00

    [Q] Placement of 5.1 speakers in a standard computer table

    I have a 5.1 speaker system to go with my computer, but my computer is placed in such a place that I cannot wallmount the side/rear speakers nor have a raised platform in the side or rear [rest 3 are placed on the computer table on either side of the monitor and 1 right in front of it, but not...
  3. H

    Speaker Placement Help

    Hey Guys! Am back after long hiatus! .. Looking at buying the Q AV Flat panel speakers from Q Acoustics. Basically because Having Bookshelves sticking out of the walls and over our heads doesn't look like a nice prospect. Now coming to placement. Where do i place them? .. have done a...
  4. K

    Help in placement of TV and wiring for HT

    Hi Guys, I am moving into a new apartment and need some help in placement of TV as well as wiring. I have three option of placing the LCD Tv ( i am still to buy it). These are "TV,' "TV2" and "TV3" I am thinking of placing the LCD at point at place marked as "TV". But it has a window...