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plasma or lcd

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  1. A

    Plasma dilemma

    I am setting up my new home, and naturally am high on ambition and somewhat short on budget (because I am buying a lot of things in one go). I have been looking for a flat panel TV, plasma or LED, with the following requirements. Size: at least 42", prefer 46". Budget: 60k - 80k Viewing...
  2. A

    Need advice on HDTV selection

    I am planning to upgrade myself by replacing my 15 year old 21" Sony CTV with an HDTV. I already have a Sony home theatre (DAV-DZ290K). The new HDTV should be compatible with this Home Theatre. (It does have an HDMI port). I am trying to choose between the following: Brands : Panasonic...
  3. S

    42": Plasma? (Panasonic 42V20) or LCD (LG 42 LH90)?

    Been reading around for quite a while here on the forum. Will be going in to buy my 42" TV today. So far my options are: LCD: 1. LG 42 LH90QR Plasma: 1. Panasonic 42V20 2. LG 50PK550 Now, for all the gushing about plasmas in this forum :) , I keep getting worried about...
  4. S

    Panasonic LCD/LED/Plasma

    hello everyone, joined hi-fi vision today, so expecting some warm welcome :-) now to the business - i have read several threads and replies, but could not find what am looking for. so here it is. looking forward to buying a LCD/LED/Plasma and a Blue-Ray player. my usage is mostly...
  5. Teja

    Options for 50-inch Full-HD Flat Panels??

    Hi All, I am in the market for a 46" to 50" Full-HD TV for my home theater. My budget for the TV is about 1 lakh. Needless to say, the bigger the better :D Viewing room has controlled lighting, and content is exclusively DVD & HD content served from a HTPC. I am partial to Plasma for the...
  6. T

    Plasma or LCD - Big confusion

    Hi, I'm really new to the world of Plasmas and LCDs. I'm still using my good old 21" CRT and would now like to upgrade to a Plasma or an LCD. I would like to get some excellent picture quality with good speakers for regular daily viewing and it's as simple as that. :) My budget is upto 1L...