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plasma tv

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  1. V

    For Sale Panasonic Plasma Vierra VT-20d 50 inch TV

    Dear Forum Members, am putting up my excellent coveted Plasma TV for sale due to an upgrade to 4K... Details of the TV(Model : TH-P50VT20D): ---------------------------------------------- 1. Purchased Date : 26-10-2011 (Approx 4Yrs +) 2. Warranty : Extended warranty of 3 Yrs expired...
  2. U

    Need some help buying a TV (plasma is more preferred), range is 45k or less

    So I am thinking of buying a TV, I prefer a plasma however LCD/LED would do too. My only requirement is for using the HD DTH service, I mean the basic Tv watching. However I would love it if the TV had USB ports so I could connect my flash drives to watch movies (ever so rarely, but still)...
  3. Darthvader03

    TV For the Budget of ~40k

    Hello Guys, Greetings to everyone in this forum! I am from Bangalore and new to this forum. I have a few queries on which TV to purchase for my apartment bedroom. My current requirements are as follows, Only and only purpose of this TV is to connect to the laptop mainly for playing games...
  4. RMCWS

    Cheapest (within 25K) 32" TV is required

    I am in search of a basic lcd/ led/ plasma tv for my mother. Our old and very faithful 25" BPL TV has started to show the sign of aging which we purchased in 1996. My mother will use the TV for herself which is restricted to watching only Bengali/ hindi programs on SD. No need for HD. So...
  5. baala

    50" Panny Plasma (non-3D) Buying Help!!!

    Dear All: I had decided & bought my Panny Plasma 42X30D, and that too for a best price, couple of years ago, only from the support and suggestions from this site. :cheers: Now, my brother is planning for buying a (Non-3D) Plasma TV, in Chennai. I couldn't find a proper thread with the...
  6. R

    Need Advice on AVR/Speakers for Samsung 51 inch Plasma TV

    Friends. It is very nice to be member of this forum. I see that most of you are owners of great/legendary sets and are very much familar with technologies. I am replacing my 18 year old Thomson CRT 21 Quadra TV with a Samsung 51F5500 Plasma TV. The reason I am posting this tread is to get...
  7. A

    50 inch Plasma in Hyderabad

    Guys, it's been an ongoing, never-ending quest for the perfect balance of quality and economy. Let's close in for the kill now. Those who are in for it, let's decide on the one we are going for and initiate a group buy. This waiting is too much...!
  8. U

    Panny 42X50D or 42UT30D. Deal or not?

    Hi guys, Am new to the forum. Need your help in deciding on my 42-incher. Have decided its gotto be Plasma. And its gotto be Panasonic. 42 inches is all my living room can take. Now to decide whether to go for a 2011 UT30D or 2012 X50D. My needs -> 1. Mostly desi channels for...
  9. P

    Best Price - Samsung 43D450 Plasma

    I have negotiated a group buy offer of 32.9k for 43D450 as a one time offer for about 10 quantity. I have already found about 4 buyers. Let me know if more are interested. This offer is currently for Bangalore members only. Cash on delivery, 0% finance scheme and credit card swipe (2%...
  10. MADMAX

    Not Just Another TV- Help Me Please buy my first TV

    Okay Guys, I am new to this forum so I want to say a big Hello to all!! So, I need help in getting the right TV for me, one that I can proudly own, look forward to come home just to watch it, adore it while it even switched off !!! Have always wanted to get a kickass TV in the house...
  11. V

    New Pana xxUT30 FHD 3D!! Launched

    Folks, Pana UT30 FHD 3D!! :) UT series -Plasma TV | PRODUCT | 2011 Asia | VIERA | Plasma&LCD TV | Panasonic Global Just saw this new launch for Asia region...not sure if/when it will be launched in India...but will surely be interesting... Rgds, VAN
  12. K

    Planning to buy 42 HD ready plasma

    This is my first post, but I have been viewing this forum for a long time and even made purchase based on expert opinion provided in the forum. Now I am planning to buy a 42 inch Plasma. I have shortlisted: I have not bargained. Listed are the price quoted by showroom. Panasonic 42X30D...
  13. G

    Construction of New room- Help required in selecting Plasma tv/Sound system etc.

    Hello everyone We are renovating our home and a new room is also being constructed. So please help me in choosing the following stuff- 1.) Plasma TV- Size- 42/50 inches. Usage would be DTH + Movies not necessarily blue ray. I am not looking for too much features. Its basically like buy one...
  14. vramak

    HELP! I've got a demo piece with IR and am not sure what do now!

    Long story short: Got Samsung 42B450 plasma. (Insisted the dealer that I want a fresh piece and not a demo piece.) The TV showed faint IR of Sony Max logo and scorecard right out of the box, when displaying a black screen in perfect dark conditions. The IR isn't noticeable in daylight conditions...
  15. S

    Best LCD/PLASMA TVs 40" - 50"

    After joining this group recently, I had started a thread asking for advice on 42/46/47 LCD/Plasma TVs. I had got some useful feedback on the models available in the market, some of the good dealers/distributors in Bangalore etc. Following that, I visited a few showrooms and tried to gather as...
  16. S

    Need input on 42/46/47" LCD or Plasma TV

    This is kind of a repeat post. I had posted the original queries in the "intro" sections: http://www.hifivision.com/introductions/7302-new-member-looking-inputs-lcd-tvs.html And got a few useful inputs as well (thanks to those members who have given their inputs). However, I would surely like...
  17. A

    32" LCD Vs 42" Plasma - Need advise

    Hi All, I am about to buy a new TV to be used in my drawing room. I am confused as to should I buy an LCD or a Plasma. I am aware that there are many threads that have elaborated the difference in technologies etc; however I am not sure whether my below questions are addressed in those. Can...