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  1. V

    SOLD 50ST60 Plasma TV

    Moving abroad. Hence putting my entertainment equipment for sale. Item available for inspection and demo at Yerwada, Pune. Shipping at buyer's risk and cost. Panasonic 50ST60 Plasma TV. Original box available. Very rare Panasonic ST series plasma offering very deep blacks and a very natural...
  2. A

    For Sale Panasonic X10 (TX-P42X10) 42 Inch Plasma TV

    Hello FM's, I am selling my Panasonic X10 (TX-P42X10) 42 Inch Plasma TV. It is very well maintained and in very good condition. Please see the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Expected Price : 21,500/- 42X10
  3. L

    Panasonic Plasma 42GT20D - panel cracked :(

    Hi... Reaching out to this forum to seek advice reg Panasonic Plasma TV The panel of my 4 year old Panasonic 42GT20D cracked. :( The TV doesnt turn on at all - when I switch on the power LED initially turns green for couple of seconds before changing to red. The screen doesnt turn on at...
  4. N

    Wanted Non Working Samsung Plasma PS51D550

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a non working Samsung Plasma PS51D550 for parts Specifically looking for X-Main Board If anyone has it or has any idea where can i get the same Plz drop me a message me with contact details or u can also Whatsapp me on 9322213966
  5. E

    Need help - LG 42PT350R Plasma 2012 - Board failure

    Hi all, After almost 5 years of loyal service, my LG plasma died last week. Symptom: Display not turning on, clicking sound -> high frequency buzz -> clicking sound. This keeps repeating. No LED blinking. Contacted LG and the service person promptly came the next day. According to his...
  6. A

    42-50 inch TV Option (LED n PLASMA)

    I have got quotes for LG42PN4500 @ 38K - Plasma : 42 inch, 1024x768, 1 HDMI, 1USB LG50PB560B @ 44K - Plasma : 50 inch, 1024x768, 1 HDMI, 1USB Panasonic TH42ST30D - Plasma : 42 inch, 1920x1080, 4 HDMI, 3USB, 3D, Smart Philips 50PFL5059 - LED: 50inch, 1920x1080, 240HZ(PMR), 2 HDMI, 1USB
  7. R

    Should I import my old Plasma and projector or a new TV?

    Hi Guys, Panasonic 42" 1080P Plasma TV - TH-P42U30 I really love the PQ on my Plasma. The resale value here is very bad (like INR7k) so I'm thinking of carrying it back to India on TR and getting a projector as well. Obviously buying a new TV is more attractive - but based in Australia...
  8. N

    Wanted A Panel Dead Samsung Plasma PS51D550/E550

    Hi, I am looking for a Panel Dead Samsung Plasma PS51D550/E550. PM me if anyone looking to sell it in Mumbai
  9. S

    Group Buying - Samsung 64F8500 Plasma

    Hi , I am interested in buying the samsung plasma. I know like me most of you might be. Starting this thread to negotiate for a good group discount . Please update in the following format Name - City - <<PhoneNo if you wish to share >> accordingly we can negotiate with dealers . PS: I...
  10. G

    Help needed in choosing first non-CRT TV

    Hi Yes, although this does seem like a much repeated query, I did spend time searching through the forum posts, and elsewhere on the net too (my better half will vouch for this!) before posting... :sad: Present TV: Panasonic tc-29fx20 flat screen CRT... have had no issues with it Wish...
  11. G

    Panasonic Plasma TV's

    Folks, I know plasma TV's are out of production from Panasonic. But are Panasonic Plasma TV's available some where in Bangalore? Models like S60 etc. TIA & Rgds Venkat
  12. Y

    An Admirer of HFV

    Hi Guys... I have been using Hifivision for some time without saying anything. Until recently when a Samsung brandshop dealer nearly cheated me by giving a 3076 hrs run TV for a big price. I could find out the loophole through this forum so thanks for the commendable help. I educated myself...
  13. aalaap

    Hello from a big screen movies and gaming fan!

    I have a Samsung 51" FHD 3D plasma and the only two things I do with it are watching movies and gaming. I have a Raspberry Pi running XBMC, which I control over HDMI-CEC, pulling media from a 4TB NAS drive and other sources, like my iMac or the Surface Pro. There's a Chromecast too, but I...
  14. A

    New TV - around 1L budget

    Hi all, i am planning to buy a tv by diwali this year and is in the process of going thru brand shops to finalize on the best one to buy. Would be of great help if the community can help me out by suggestion some good sets. my requirements are as follows - 42" and above - around 1L...
  15. R

    Lots of Confusions. Help needed for buying TV.

    Hi Need to buy a tv 32-43 inches. Will be used mostly for set top box SD & HD Channels and occasionally BR rip movie sizing around 700mb.Viewing distance is less than 6 feet. and room is closed one so no external light only tube light. Now do I need a FHD ??? or simply HD ready will be...
  16. soulforged

    Media/Clip for Washing TIR in Plasma

    Apparently you get movie clips for 'washing' TIR in Plasmas. I learnt that the newer TVs come with this as a feature. It is essentially the kind of screen we used to get in the old CRTs of yore when there was no signal. If there's a technical term for it, I do not know it. Is anybody aware of...
  17. J

    A 32" Sony/Panasonic LED vs A 42" LG/Samsung/Panasonic Plasma?

    My requirements for TV are: Good Picture Quality for SD channels Good Visual/Sound Experience for watching movies Smart 3D Not Required Budget ~ 30-40 K I was so much after getting a Panasonic Plasma TV but since they have been discontinued. I am stuck with either getting the...
  18. A

    New 40-50" TV - Is Plasma still around ?

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade from a 21"CRT to a "Flat screen". Following are some aspects : * Size undecided, but minimum 40" and max 50" most likely * Budget - around 35-40k to max 50k, unless something more value for money at a bit higher. Lower than this is absolutely fine * Usage ...
  19. A

    Buy Plasma or not

    Hi all, Looks like almost everybody agrees that the picture quality of plasma televisions is better than LED/LCD's. It even costs cheaper. However, the best plasma manufacturer i.e Panasonic is going to exit plasma pretty soon. You dont see much plasma TV's at the showrooms either. Looks...
  20. R

    BEST LED/PLASMA TV under 35K in mumbai

    I want to buy a tv. Confused about plasma or led.....and......FULL HD OR HD. I want to take this tv from mumbai to nasik. And wanted to buy it in mumbai by tomorrow. As i use my flat in nasik very few times say twice a month power consumption is not a concern. I am having a LG 47lm6700 and...