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  1. generalxxxstark

    Wanted Looking for an entry level 4k Bluray Player & Apple TV 4k.

    Hello All, I'm looking for an entry level "budget" 4k blu-ray player to replace my xbox one x. Should have HDR10 support at the least. Initially was planning to get an oppo 203 but will have to postpone that upgrade for later down the road. Also need a used Apple TV 4k, storage doesn't matter...
  2. B

    For Sale [Exotic] Sealed Pack audio cassettes Pack of 6+ Bonus

    Hello Friends, I would like to sell my pack of Cassettes and also have a bonus thrown in for you. The cassettes were brought by hand from USA by a friend of mine, so Quality is quite superior than usual Chinese/Indian Made cassettes that are sold by same names. Some of the cassettes are...
  3. V

    Do you have a Media player recommedation

    I just want a media player which can play blu-ray discs, HD videos, most common formats and Ultra HD videos. Any one have a good recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    Laptop as 3D HD player?

    Has anyone been successful in playing 3d videos on a laptop connected to a 3D TV via HDMI/DisplayPort? I have a dell laptop with DisplayPort and can get a DisplayPort-HDMI cable. Just a check if anyone has already tried and has been succesful.
  5. S

    Audiophile player for mac os

    Hi everyone, Am a long time reader of this forum. Began my hifi steps from this place :) I am listening to new player Audirvana for quite some time. It's an excellent player, tops iTunes easily. Why dont you give it a try. Please forgive my ignorance if this player is already known...
  6. C

    Buy a DVD player

    I am a novice - need to buy a player that can play all my CDs and play DVD when I wish to watch a movie. I want to buy a LCD projector to create my own home theater later. I am buying an audio system - Danon amp and Jamo speakers - hope there would not be any compatibility issues? Need to know...
  7. H

    Amlogic 8626H based Media Players

    Hi Guys would anyone have any idea how good these players are. as mentioned in this page here : http://www.iboum.com/net-media-players.php?sort=sortdate&chip=amlogic&pfilt=&hdd=&net=&fan=&lcd=&dts=&dtsp=&dolbt=&dolbtp=no&dtsma=&dtsmap=&year=&ppp=40&bd=&dvd=&netflix=&pg=1&rp=camlogic...
  8. A

    Panasonic DVD Player not recognizing some mp3 files.

    I have a slightly old (2007) DVD Player which supports AAC, mp3 and WMA formats in audio and .avi in video and DVD video. It plays videos and DVDs nicely but when it comes to mp3s, it plays some but not others. I know there are many codecs. Its odd that when I converted a bunch of .wv files to...
  9. particleman

    Players, Transports and DACs Price List

    Price Thread for: CD, SACD, and other high-fidelity audio players (not DVD/BD), Dedicated transports, Digital-to-analogue converters and other processors. Fellow users are requested to dedicate this thread to prices and dealers only. Kindly avoid discussion of this or any other...