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polk audio

  1. S

    Looking for a purely wireless 5.1 surround set up for my TV

    Hi, I am looking to supplement my Sony TV speakers with something that would make the movie-watching experience richer. I find the stock TV speakers inadequate and am hardly able to comprehend dialogues. Hence my search for a soundbox started. As i have recently redone my living room, there is...
  2. B

    Yamaha YAS207 or Polf Audio MagniFi Mini - Advice Needed

    Hi Guys, Need advice from you guys. Looking for soundbar for 48'LED TV. should i go for the yamaha YAS207 or Polk Audio MagniFi Mini? TIA
  3. K

    Suggest Feedback

    Hi All, Needed some bit of advise. I am planning to purchase my 1st Home theatre system and scouting for the same (Location: Mumbai). Till now, have visited the Viola & The Shop (Both Andheri W), Profx (Worli) and The Audiomaxx Warehouse (Mulund W). At Viola was suggested the following...
  4. M

    Speaker setup with Denon 2300w

    Hello guys! Before today I didn't know a place like this existed and in last 2 hours I have become a fan of this forum. Such genuine and helpful posts! Need a favour from you guys. Since you guys are an ocean of knowledge, your guidance will surely do wonders for me. My Home theatre...
  5. B

    Need help 5.1 speaker package

    Hi, I am having Yamaha V479 and looking for 5.1 speakers. room size is 12x16. Budget @40k. For music 60% and movies 40% I have choice of rather auditioned following systems 1. Tannoy TFX 5.1 2. Morel Primo I couldn't get audition for polk, klipsch in pune. Also got good feedback for...
  6. dipdawiz

    A compact HT

    A compact HT, a term taken from trending automobile sensation now-a-days - "Compact" SUV/Sedan :D Though I always had the thought of having a dedicated HT room some day, but urban life never allowed to take any step towards that. And even when I was out for a better sound for my TV few...
  7. A

    Polk Audio T15 as surrounds??

    Friends, I was looking all over the forum for some reviews on Polk Audio T15 BS, but found very few. I am thinking to get them for surrounds. BA A26 are serving well as fronts. AVR is Yamaha 481. I understand that my priority should be Sub and Center before going for surrounds but I am...
  8. MaSh

    For Sale Polk Audio Bookshelf and Wharfedale Sub

    Hi, I am putting up my beloved Polk Audio Monitor 30 bookshelf speakers and the amazing Wharfedale SW150 Subwoofer. 1. Polk Audio Monitor 30: Rs. 11,000/- These are about 2 years old and in excellent condition. Below are some of its specs Color: Black Pair of bookshelf 2-way...
  9. A

    Please help! Yamaha or Denon?

    I am planning on getting a budget home theater system. Found the Polk Fusion T series 5.1 Entry level Speaker package interesting. But I have trouble in deciding the AV Receiver I should opt. I have zeroed in on 2 options: 1. Yamaha HTR 3067 2. Denon AVR X500 My major use would be to...
  10. M

    VFM subwoofer: Polk Audio vs Sonodyne

    Guys, Below are my options, can you suggest which one is VFM? :) Polk Audio PSW 110 - Rs 14700/- Polk Audio PSW 125 - Rs 18900/- Sonodyne RoarR 108 - Rs 18300/- Sonodyne RoarR 210 - Rs 21500/- Any other suggestions welcome within this price ranges.
  11. N

    Polk RTiA5 or TAGA Harmony Platinum F-120?

    Hi, I am unable to decide between the Polk RTiA5 and the TAGA Harmony F-120 floor standers. The AVR is a Denon AVR-X1200. Prefer a sound that is not too harsh on the highs, with clear mid and lows, punchy bass too. Requesting the experts to help me out!!
  12. W

    Jamo vs Polk

    Hi all, i'm thinking to buy speakers set for home theater. My choices are either Jamo or Polk, but i couldn't decide. Could you please advise me? I'm gonna use it for movie, gaming, and music (karaoke too maybe). Mostly movie.. Got some offer.. 1 Pr Speaker Front Jamo C 97 ( Floorstanding...
  13. D

    Budget amplifier for Sonodyne/Wharfedale speakers

    I am a total beginner in Hifi world, and this would be my first setup Please suggest some budget amplifier to go with these speakers. My total budget for speakers+amplifier is around 30k Sonodyne Sonus 1501v3 bookshelf speakers Polk audio tsx110b Wharfedale Diamond 121 Wharfedale...
  14. A

    Help me find the best ht solution

    I have a small room, and I bought a 4k tv (lg 49ub850t). Now I want great sound experience along with it. Recommend me a sound system keeping in mind that my room size is very small. it is 12*14 ft room in which i have a 6*7bed and the remaining 13*6 ft area is left for ht setup. the ceiling...
  15. A

    Suggestions required for audiophile setup

    Hi all , I am in the process of integrating my first audiophile setup and have decided upon the following combination after my own research and also inputs from some acoustic guys . However , want to run the same by y'all before i finally go and spend the bucks : Room Size : 12ft x 10ft...
  16. A

    For Sale Polk Rti-4 speakers for sale (pair)

    Hi, I bought this from Amazon US in 2010/11, but have no proof of it. Used as part of 5.1 set up. ON sale for 10,000 rupees for the pair. I paid 250 dollars for it. I have one Photo and 1 video of the same as below. Please PM if interested. Prefer to sell it for...
  17. sameuun

    Speaker 5.1/7.1 for DENON X2000

    Hi all, me planning to upgrade current AVR & Speakers, Denon X2000 finalyzed so far. planning for 7.1 but if budget fails, 5.1 it is. :) I belong to lucknow and auditioning to vast(even small) varieties of speakers isnt possible here, almost nothing to choose. I have read numbers of reviews...
  18. H

    Suitable speakers for my Onkyo TX-Nr 809

    Hi, I have Onkyo AV receiver TX-nr 809 with Panasonic Plasma. Can any one suggest suitable pair of speakers for my me in the range of Rs. 100 K to 150 K. How about Polk audio or Klipsch? currently i am using my old Sony Hi-Fi 5.1 speakers (70000Watt sony). Thanking you in advance.
  19. S

    Front Speaker pair below 40K

    Hi All, I am planning to buy 2 floor standing speakers range below 40K. My initial choice was Polk D-70 of Monitor series. But it is not available currently when I asked profx so I moved to TSX440T. But I heard from one of my friend about Sondyne Sonus Series. Can anyone please clarify about...
  20. B

    Speaker Recommendations

    Hello all, As per guidance provided in a previous post, I visited a couple of stores and tried the following 5.1 speaker-packages for use in my home where I have an Onkyo NR 626 Amp. I need the speakers for a mix of TV / Movies / Music (Movie songs) in my living room which is fairly large...