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portable audio

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. ShutterX

    About the pull the trigger on Fiio X3 2nd Gen

    I have been considering one of these High res DAPs off late and have decided that the FIIO x3 2nd gen fits the bill. Here is what i want from this DAP: 1) Should play FLAC and MP3 with good sound. 2) Should have a headphone amp built in. The X3's upto 100+ohms is good enough. 3) This is...
  2. S

    One Portable / All in one to rule them all !!

    Hopefully, now I have got your attention by using LOTR, let me get quickly to what I am talking about. And a bit of brief history to have the relevance / reference in place! I wrote elsewhere that this hobby is where a lot of my free time goes but strangely I ignored the all in one / portable...
  3. R

    Yamaha HPH-200 - Review by Ranjeet Rain

    Welcome Yamaha to the family of my audiophile class gear! Just picked up a Yamaha HPH-200 headphone. I own acclaimed headphones such as Sennheiser HD650, AKG 701 Signature Edition. What made me pick these phones? Will soon post my detailed impressions. Briefly speaking, bought these after 7...