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power amplifier

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  1. Goldfinch Acoustics

    Graham Slee Proprius Monoblock

    Goldfinch Acoustics brings to you Graham Slee Proprius Monoblock. Proprius is a real class-AB discrete transistor amplifier made small. 45 watts into 4 Ω; 25 watts into 8 Ω. With rugged 15 amp 200 watt output transistors the Proprius drives even the most difficult of speakers. With volume...
  2. S

    Has anybody tried building Stochino fast amplifier ?

    Hi, Iam trying to build an amplifier came across Stochino amplifier (attached circuit, improvised version and related documentation). Want to know if anyone has tried this earlier, if so how is the sound signature and overall performance. Also DIY gurus kindly analyze the circuit and suggest...
  3. V

    Wanted Stereo integrated or power amp below 15k - older models fine

    Looking to buy either a used stereo integrated amp or a power amp below 15k INR for a cheap build for a friend. A decent working condition marantz, denon, pioneer, NAD, etc etc is fine even if it is slightly older and doesn't have any of the latest bells and whistles In Bangalore preferable...
  4. Desibell

    Help required to select a Power amplifier

    Hello friends, I am looking for power amplifier recommendations to go with Luxman sl120 pre and Dynaudio Excite 34 towers. Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance. Regards Desi-bells
  5. cybervinay

    For Sale Quad 510 Monoblock Amp Pair, Quad 240 Stereo Amp, Classe CP-35 Pre-Amp and 1 Single Quag 510 Power Amplifier

    Quad 510 Mono-blocks Pair - INR 75K for the Pair plus shipping charges SOLD Quad 240 Stereo Amplifier - INR 25K plus shipping charges SOLD Classe CP-35 Pre-Amplifier - Asking INR 22K plus shipping charges Quad 510 Mono-block - 1 Single Mono Amplifier - Asking INR 30K plus shipping charges I...
  6. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Power Amplifier for PSB Synchrony One Floorstanders

    Hello all, as always I am on the constant lookout through the classifieds section of HFV for a powerful amp to show up for sale. No matter what amp I throw at my PSBs (300w at 4 ohms, occasional dip to 2 ohms) it feels like craves for more power. The only set of amps which could power it and...
  7. yogibear

    For Sale Dynaco ST35 Tube Power Amplifier EL84 Push Pull, 17.5 wpc, Mint Condition

    Dynaco ST35, EL84 Push Pull tube power amplifier, delivers 17.5 watts per channel into 8 ohms impedance speakers. It is the more revered Rev B model. Made around heavy NOS American Hammond Power Transformers and Hammond Output Transformers, NOT new production. The amp will only play 8 ohm...
  8. surendar

    SOLD Cambridge 851E/851W pre/power amplifier combo with ATC SCM11 V2 bookshelf speakers

    UPDATE: ALL ITEMS SOLD!! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAD SHOWN INTEREST AND RESPONDED TO MY POST. ATC speakers sold to an FM. Cambridge 851E/851W pre/power amplifier combo sold outside the forum. Selling some of the components from my stereo set up as I plan to downsize. For sale now is Cambridge audio...
  9. Vivek Batra

    Mono Blocks vs 2 Channel Power Amp

    Hi FMs I am quite new to this domain of hi end gear but not new to music. I have Denon 4500H to drive my Klipsch RP- 8000F and I am quite not happy as this was not the intention (Intention was a stereo integrated amp but somehow a wrong decision.). So thinking of doing away with AVR and going...
  10. Vivek Batra

    Advice on Pre Power Amps with Klipsch RP -8000F

    Hi I recently bought Denon x4500H with Klipsch RP-8000F and R-115 SW Subwoofer mainly for 2 channel application. I know most of the people here would disagree with this choice so is myself. I am not very happy with the sound of the system over all. My observation from the system is as below...
  11. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Power Amplifier Requirement

    Anyone parting with any of the following amps? 1. Outlaws Monoblocks 2. Crown XLS Series 3. Hypex Ncore Series If so, please let me know! You could DM me if you've used any of the above equipment in your home audio chain, I would love to get some queries answered and views sought after. Cheers!
  12. Viki

    For Sale Marantz AV Processor & Power Amplifier

    Folks, Up for sale is a wonderfully musical Pre/Pro with Power Amp Combo from Marantz. Marantz AV7005 Pre/Pro 7.1 channel AV Pre, with full 1080p upscaling, high quality DACs, HDAM architecture Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Odyssey DSX room correction, 6 input, 2 output HDMI 1.4 Outputs for power amp...
  13. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Pre-Power Amplifier And Subwoofer

    Hi all. Looking for a good powerful German or American made Pre-power amp and also a subwoofer (12-15 inches). Planning to add these to my stereo setup. Budget is not a constraint. The only constraint is that it would be nice if I could audition them in Bengaluru or if you're a seller who's...
  14. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Cary SA 200.2 Power Amplifier and CPA 1 Preamplifier

    Cary SA 200.2 Power Amplifier 200 W per channel x 8 Ohms Purchased new in Jan 2017. I am the first owner. Condition: Near mint Retail price: USD 3995 My price: Rs. 2,15,000 Shipping: At buyer's risk and cost Cary CPA 1 Preamplifier Purchased used from a fellow FM a year ago Age: Probably...
  15. A

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    Selling my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier for sale!! amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof construction! This power amplifier can be paired up with variety of pre-amplifiers like...
  16. Kannan

    For Sale 6 channel power amplifier

    Custom built 6 channel power amplifier. Based on TDA7294 chip. One toroidal transformer and three TD7294 based boards. 100 wetts per channel Class AB. Heavy duty gold plated banana plugs. Sturdy enclosure, weighs close to 10kgs For more pictures and details whatsapp me in 9840970091
  17. Kannan

    For Sale Russound multizone A/V Preamplifier and 8-channel Power Amp

    In 10/10 cosmetic and working condition. Made in USA and purchased in USA. Russound PR-4Z, 4-zone/6 source AV Preamplifier/Controller and matched Russound AP48 8 channel power amplifier. These are top of the line audiophile grade equipment from Russound. The original retail price was...
  18. G

    Dynatech pro amp

    Hi I'm considering buying a free standing amplifier (1000w or more RMS per channel) for a passive sub. Driver is Dayton 12" Ultimax in 4cuft ported enclosure. Sub enclosure will be ready only by October. (Right now the driver is in 2Cuft sealed with 500W dayton plate amp but power is not...
  19. K

    Emotiva XPA Gen 3 amplifiers - worth the price or not?

    I'm trying to enter a whole new world of power amps. Initially I had chosen to pair my avr to the mighty Emotiva XPA 5 Gen 2 for my 50% music & 50% movies need. But since emotiva discontinued them, new model is to be selected. Emotiva has just launched XPA Gen 3 modular SMPS based amps...
  20. Kannan

    Wanted 6 channel power amplifier

    I need a used good quality 6 or 8 channel power amplifier with individual dedicated inputs (both XLR and RCA preferred). Bridgeable connections would be a huge plus Please PM me your offers.