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power supply

  1. V

    SOLD TheHornshoppe "The Truth" Pre amplifier

    For sale is a Hornshoppe 'the truth' pre amplifier. It has an active buffer and uses photo cells to control the volume. From their website:- It has an input impedance too high to measure, output impedance is a couple ohms, bandwidth is to 60Mhz, slew rate is a couple hundred V/microsecond...
  2. cybervinay

    For Sale Used Antec Phantom 350W PSU Fanless Silent SMPS

    I am selling my used Antec Phantom 350W PSU SMPS. This has not been used for many years now. In perfect working condition. Never repaired or overloaded ever. Perfect if you are looking to build a silent PC Check more details and review here: https://bjorn3d.com/2004/11/antec-phantom-350w-psu/...
  3. G

    For Sale Linear power supply AC to DC 12v 5.5 Amp for hifi DAC, Router, DTH

    Package includes, Power supply Power adapter Dc cable Quoting price:9.5k Months old:6 Shipping all over India at buyers cost. Fully functional. Connect it to get good noise free, good bass sound in speakers. Good video quality. Introduction: Input voltage: AC230V Output voltage: DC 12V...
  4. R

    BenQ W1080ST US Model to India

    Hi I recently bought BenQ W1080ST from US and currently it is on the way to India. I just need some confirmation on voltage power supply. Its already mentioned in manual that this supports 110-240V, so there shouldn't be any issues with directly using in India without any voltage...
  5. J

    Where can I get ready made R-Core transformers in Bangalore

    Hi, I need a R-Core transformer for building the power supply for CNC phono stage and a Pass B1 source selector. Here are are the specs for the transformer. Secondary - (22-0-22) 1A or 30VA Please let me know any shop in SP road or any other place where they sell ready made R-Core...
  6. G

    A decent SFX power supply for my HTPC

    I bought a Zebronics Flair cabinet for my HTPC (no PSU was included). I've assembled all other components: Intel G630 Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333 Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6570 An older HDD and DVD-RW drive from a previous build. Only thing missing is the power supply :p...
  7. neel

    Panny service in Bangalore

    My AE4000 (don't have bill or warranty) does not power on. Any suggestions on who could look at it in Bangalore? Any reliable service guys? Thanks. BTW, sony bluray player also has the same fate thanks to KEB.
  8. S

    Power supply design

    Hi Folks, I was browsing through internet and found this excellent article on power supply design. I found it very interesting because author clearly explains along with calculations on how to and why chose a particular component. DIY crowd might actually find it very useful. Solid State...
  9. O

    DIY Amplifier gets new DIY Power Supply

    Here I am showcasing my DIY class AB amplifier which I am using as my main stereo Amp. This is one of the excellent sounding, neutral analog amp which I build in 2005. Now I am using this continuously since last 1 year. Few forum member listened to this. All circuits are home made, PCBs are...