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  1. V

    Wanted Power Conditioner

    I am looking for a power conditioner/regenerator/filter for my system. It should do something above the regular Supra power filter strip that I currently use. Ideally less than a lakh in price and less than 5 years old. Please PM me if you have something to offer. Thanks.
  2. sathtom

    Audiophile Power Distribution Board..!!!

    Youtuber "Thomas & Stereo" shared this in his Channel. Anybody in HFV has this kind of Power Distribution at home.. ;)
  3. D

    Power for AVR

    Hi All, I recently purchased a Denon X1400H AVR. Now my concern is, should I connect this to an UPS? I have a belkin power surge protector and an APC 1KVA Online UPS. However, my UPS is connected to my TV (LG C7) and PS4 pro, so I don't think UPS will take it. I saw Luminous Zelio+ 1100 on...
  4. Fiftyfifty

    CVT vs Online UPS

    Hi For the past 3 years, I have been using a 3kva Emerson double conversion online UPS. Lately, it has been malfunctioning and I'm afraid I will need to replace it. I'm looking for a product that will give me 3kva output, is durable, pure sine wave, constant voltage and power back up of at...
  5. amit11

    quality of power and quality of sound

    Hi Friends, Recently i had opportunity to try out 'how power quality affects sound quality'. The opportunity was not across all scenarios, rather it was limited to digital conversion. e.g. DAC where digital is converted to analog signal DDC where digital is converted to digital again In both...
  6. P

    Voyage stabilizer capacity

    0down votefavorite I need to use a voltage stabilizer to secure my USB Hub (Anker PowerPort 6), but the stabilizer (v-guard crystal MINI) is slightly underpowered. It is rated at 1.3A, 300W (230V). My Anker has input requirements of 1.4A (it's total output is only 60W at 5V per port). My...
  7. amit11

    Linear power supply vs battery power for DAC

    Hi Friends, I got a NOS DAC today and it came with its normal power adapter. I have read that linear power supply to a DAC can result in improvement of the sound. So my question is, should i try another power adapter (having linear power supply)? I also have one small RouterUPS, i.e...
  8. Fiftyfifty

    Wanted Power Conditioner

    Dear friends, I am quite happy with my rig but I'm wondering whether I would benefit from a good power conditioner. I am currently using a Vertex 2 KVA stabilizer connected to a Soundfoundations Power Distribution unit. The SF unit probably does some cleaning up, but may not do all the...
  9. A

    For Sale Bunch of cables for sale

    Hi I have for sale a few cables: 1. Shunyata Venom Digital (US plugs 15A) Power Cable - 1.75m Price - Rs. 19,000 This cable is brand new. I brought it from Singapore as I was building a music server but then went in a different direction and bought a CD player instead so haven't even...
  10. S

    How much power does your speaker need - power vs sensitivity

    Hi folks, Here is a table (scroll down on that page a little) that tells you the power needed to get a certain output SPL for a speaker of a given sensitivity. Please take a look. Goes to show how important speaker sensitivity is, if you have limited power at your disposal. My preferred movie...
  11. J

    Need help with Optoma HD20

    Optoma HD20 wont turn on. The green light flashes as if its warming up, but it never stops warming up and wont turn back off.
  12. P

    What Should i buy for power cuts?

    The area where i live is experiencing frequent power cuts. Last year my computer Motherboard got fried due to a sudden power cut. I'm afraid that will happen again. I wanted to ask what should i buy in order to deal with this issue- a stabilizer or a power Surge Potector and which brand to...
  13. Rupam

    Does Voltage Stabilizer affect AVR performance ?

    Hi, I'm just curious to know if a Voltage Stabilizer affect AVR performance in a negative way? AV equipment needs a clean power-source. But can V-guard stabilizers provide it ?
  14. subhobh

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    I wanted to offer my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier (Elite Series Quad) for sale!! Though, I am not very fond of British amplifiers, still Id say, this amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof...
  15. S

    Power Woes...Stabilizer vs UPS vs Nada

    Hi All Even though ive been visiting the forum for years now to look for answers to my layman AV queries, this is actually the first time im writing here. So finally bought my first proper AV setup (AVphiles would beg to differ but hey i think its decent for a beginner). The setup is...
  16. Santy

    Why Power is costly?

    I was always wondering. When it comes to integrated amplifiers, many companies offer a range of products in a series, the major or only difference being the power rating. But the cost difference is huge even for minor increments in power handling capabilities. A 50 W amp costs X and the same...
  17. V

    Onkyo HTS-7300..from USA..need 240V to 120V

    I got Onkyo HTS-7300...from USA.... it has: 7.1 speaker system and AVR total wattage:1200W It needs 120V 60HZ I want to know the power supply transformer available in India. in pune/mumbai etc or online some website which can work reliably with this system. What all i need in terms...
  18. V

    I got Onkyo HTS-7300...from USA..

    I got Onkyo HTS-7300...from USA.... it has: 7.1 speaker system and AVR total wattage:1200W It needs 120V 60HZ I want to know the power supply transformer available in India. in pune/mumbai etc or online some website which can work reliably with this system. What all i need in terms...
  19. vramak

    What's your electricity bill ?

    Our home gets an electricity bill of Rs.3500 on average; sometimes it peaks to around Rs.5000 (bimonthly ie. Rs.2500 per month). I'm wondering because most of our friends quote way less. So, what's your power usage bill ?