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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. B

    Soluition for 20 second power failure

    My apartment has a generator that kicks in automatically when the power fails. The problem is that it takes about 20 seconds for the generator to start and supply the juice to the apartment. Because of this the set top box powers off and I have to wait for it to initialize before I can resume...
  2. M

    Curious 115v/230v issue (Arcam Delta 290p)

    Hi All After doing some research, I've decided to buy a (second hand) Arcam Delta 290p power amp. Now the amp is for the American market and there's a "110v" sticker over the power socket. However, the specs in the amp manual state that it can handle "230V/115V +/- 12% mains voltage". The...
  3. S

    Power supply for Klipsch Subwoofer sub10 in India?

    I have a klipsch subwoofer sub10. In the user manual it is clearly written that the subwoofer should be supplied with the exact power supply specified in the back side of the unit. It is specified as 230V 50Hz, 1.0 A. How can I get a proper power supply mentioned in India? The subwoofer...