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pre amplifier

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. vmscbe1974

    Quad 34 vs Apt Holman

    Read a lot about these two pre amplifiers from Internet . Any forum members have any information as to which would be good for Indian music .
  2. thedude

    Wanted Balanced Pre

    I’m looking for a pre amp to go with my NorthStar DAC, NuPrime STA-9 monoblocks and ATC SCM40. I’m ok with tube or SS or hybrid as long as it’s transparent and balanced. Indian voltage must. It needs to bring all the pre amp goodness but not alter the sonic signature. My system sounds...
  3. surendar

    SOLD Cambridge 851E/851W pre/power amplifier combo with ATC SCM11 V2 bookshelf speakers

    UPDATE: ALL ITEMS SOLD!! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAD SHOWN INTEREST AND RESPONDED TO MY POST. ATC speakers sold to an FM. Cambridge 851E/851W pre/power amplifier combo sold outside the forum. Selling some of the components from my stereo set up as I plan to downsize. For sale now is Cambridge audio...
  4. S

    Discrete Dynamics Class A Pre-Amplifier

    After reading a lot of positive reviews from fellow DIY members, I also made up my mind to make this Pre-Amplifier. I will be paring the same with my Jean Hiraga Super 30 Class A Power Amplifier. I immediately contacted @Aniket. Got the kit from him, the kit was complete assembled and tested. I...
  5. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Pre-Power Amplifier And Subwoofer

    Hi all. Looking for a good powerful German or American made Pre-power amp and also a subwoofer (12-15 inches). Planning to add these to my stereo setup. Budget is not a constraint. The only constraint is that it would be nice if I could audition them in Bengaluru or if you're a seller who's...
  6. spandan414

    For Sale Jolida JD 50A Passive Pre Amplifier/ Control Unit

    Hello Folks, I bought this new passive pre about a week back from a Dealer in Chennai. I planned to use this with my newly acquired Flying Mole Mono Blocks. I have only used it for a couple of hours and found that my old Sansui AU-666 (as a pre) is a better match for my system. The Jolida has...
  7. Kannan

    Do I need a preamp now?

    Hi friends, Unlike the yore, modern sources have good power in their low level output to drive a power amp or a pair of active speakers. It includes media players, CD/DVD/bluray players and also DACs. Some of these DACs also come with a variable digital volume control or a built-in preamp...
  8. R

    Servicing old hi-fi gear in Delhi

    Does anybody know a place in Delhi that can repair old stereo gear? I have a NAD pre-amp and a Yamaha integrated amp that need TLC. Many thanks.
  9. V

    Vintage Amlifier Need suggestion

    Hi All, I have to buy Vintage amplifier. Can anyone suggest me to where should i get this?
  10. S

    For Sale Emotiva USP-1 sparingly used in excellent condition

    It was bought directly from Emotiva in July 2010, used till June 2011 and then I moved to Pune, not used since then and lying at Navi Mumbai. I was in dual mind whether to retain the gear or sell it. In the meanwhile sold Yamaha NS-555, Marantz SR-7002 and SVS PC-12NSD to FMs. Finally made mind...
  11. bhagwan

    Listening impressions to bhagwan's set up - part II [July, 2014]

    Hello fellow FM's ! There has been a change in my audio set up; My Cadence Canasya [Mono Power Amplifier] & Allnic Pre Amplifier have been sold; Was without music for 3 + months; Some replacement from China & Canada have arrived. So, I shall get a New DAC [Canada] & Pre & Power...
  12. K

    Great interview with John curl about amp design.

    Thought I would share this, http://www.parasound.com/pdfs/JCinterview.pdf This is a great interview about what goes into designing an amp. He talks about how and why component selection matters, where trade offs are ok and where they are not. Also on Why exotic amps are expensive...