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  1. spandan414

    For Sale Jolida JD 50A Passive Pre Amplifier/ Control Unit

    Hello Folks, I bought this new passive pre about a week back from a Dealer in Chennai. I planned to use this with my newly acquired Flying Mole Mono Blocks. I have only used it for a couple of hours and found that my old Sansui AU-666 (as a pre) is a better match for my system. The Jolida has...
  2. F

    Wanted Phono preamp

    Hi, I'm looking for a good phono stage to go with my other components which consist of a Marantz TT15, Cary Pre and Power amps. I'm currently using a Schiit Mani which is quite good, but I believe there is potential for improvement. So far, I've been recommended Jasmine (by Prem) and...
  3. Kannan

    For Sale FX Audio active tube buffer

    FX Audio Active Tube Buffer: Rs. 3,000 plus shipping Feixiang FX-AUDIO Tube Preamp on 6J1 buffer, replaceable with EF95 family based tubes. Almost new and less than a month old with full original packing and stock 6J1 tubes What makes this buffer a great buy is the availability of some...
  4. F

    For Sale Bryston SP 1.7 Preamp

    The Bryston SP 1.7, which functions as a digital home theatre preamp, DAC, digital audio and pure audiophile analogue mode preamplifier is said to be one of the best preamplifiers ever made. http://www.bryston.com/PDF/newsletters/Bryston_Newsletter_V6_6.pdf Main specs: Processes Dolby...
  5. I

    Wanted Phono Preamp

    Hi all, looking for a budget Phono Preamp. Something in the sub 10,000 rupee range though i might be willing to extend for something really good. Vintage is not a problem as long as it is functional and in good condition.
  6. H

    Aikido 12Vac Tube Preamplifier Build

    HI all As many of them know about this Preamp.I like to share my build Aikido 12Vac Preamp build as name suggest it needs only 12 V ac to operate.This is the real beauty of this preamp. After building Nelson b1 and opamp based preamp this is the one I feel superior in sound quality really...
  7. B

    Super Simple Single Stage Tube PreAmp

    Super Simple Single Stage Tube PreAmp (4S Universal Preamplifier for 12A*7 Tubes) After completing my TubeLab SSE Power Amp I thought about building a tube preamp to mate with it. But I don't want any complex design and I want it to be as simple as possible. Mark Houston's Universal Tube...
  8. J

    Wanted Preamp

    Hi Looking for a decent preamp. Need something with low output impedance (sub 300ohms). Open to both tube and solid state. Budget is flexible. Would prefer something with a remote. Don't have the inclination/patience to solder so not interested in a kit. thanks
  9. A

    Blue Tooth adapter & a pre amp for a LP player

    Looking for advice... I wanted to hook up my amplifier (it's an old Yamaha ) to a Bluetooth adapter. Most sites seem to recommend the Logitech adapter which you can purchase off most sites at about Rs. 1200. However some reviews talked about lower frequencies being lost.... . Any experience...
  10. V

    Tube Preamp for powered speakers

    Hi, I have a pair of Epoz Aktimate Mini+ powered speakers Epoz Aktimate Mini+ review | What Hi-Fi? The power specifications are as follows: Mini+ B They are quite detailed but a bit too analytical with sharp highs. I would like to colour the sound a bit and tame the Highs and mellow...
  11. M

    Volume pot. for Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp.......Help!

    Help..... i live in the middle of nowhere, have an MF A3cr preamp, with a broken volume pot.......to make matter worse, whilst i was away a friend thinking he was being helpful, had the unit repaired..... The pot that has been put in is very cheap, i do not have the original that was removed...
  12. J

    Advice Needed: Is it possible to connect 3 sources to a Stereo premp with 2 inputs

    Hi, This would rather sound like a strange question. Here is my situation. Lets say I have a stereo pre amp with 2 line level inputs. I need to connect minimum of 3 sources to this pre amp. They are 1. TT 2. CDP 3. Digital STB At any given point of time, only one source will be...
  13. peace_sells

    A phono pre-amp for a turntable that already has one!?

    Hello, Just joined this brilliant website. I've slowly built up a decent record collection and now I'm planning to buy my first turntable. There are a few things i'd like to ask. Firstly how would you rate this turntable? PylePro - PLTTB1 - Professional Belt-Drive Turntable Secondly...
  14. K

    Cambridge Audio Azur 551p MM Phono Preamp

    Almost new Cambridge Audio Azur 551p Phono Preamp for sale.This can be used to connect a Turntable (Record Player) to an AVR or a power amplifier Only. Please not that this is not a HiFI preamp. I bought it to connect my turntable to an AVR that did not have a phono preamp. Now I have a...
  15. bijinmb

    DIY - Pass B1

    Hi Folks! Just to let you know that I have started building my Pass B1 - Buffer Preamp for my Active 3-way floorstander project. http://www.hifivision.com/diy/28211-my-diy-active-3-way-floorstander.html With great pleasure and happiness I am showcasing this DIY to our GUILD. Here are the few...
  16. S

    For Sale Audio Research LS17 Pre-Amplifier

    In mint condition. It has a remote, hence the unit never gets touched by hand. Original carton, double boxed as are all Audio Research products. First owner, purchased officially from importer. Selling the Audio Research as I now have the dCS Scarlatti. Photographs available on request. Kindly...
  17. T

    CRAFTEL AUDIOCRAFT CHENNAI :Will Mr Mark make dual monoblocs and preamp for bi amping

    Greetings to all from Darjeeling This happens to be my first thread. At the outset I would like to put on record my profound thanks to forum member Canduu for hearing me out and offering to help.:) He and I exchanged a few notes on craftel/ audiocraft. I personally feel that if there...
  18. sonic_nirvana

    How to use old preamp+processor with latest audio formats?

    Hi All, I have a old, but a very good quality 5.1 Preamp + DTS decoder (Angstrom 200 HED). It can't decode the Dolby or other latest HD formats. Also it doesn't have HDMI input. Now if I get a Blu-Ray player with built in decoder and 5.1 analog outputs, I can use this preamp with all current...
  19. B

    Noob seeking help: NAD C325BEE + Preamp + Inputs

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever thread on any forum... ever. I have recently bought a Headphone Amp/Preamp (Little Dot MKIV) and am using the C325BEE as power amp. Works perfect! :) :sos: My question is: If I am using a preamp with the NAD (Main In input), it bypasses the other...