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  1. R

    Preamplifier for marantz MM7025 power amplifier

    Hi, My current setup is "Multiple digital sources -> Schiit Bifrost -> Marantz PM5004 -> KEF Q300". I want to upgrade the amplifier and speakers one by one. To start, planning to go with pre+power amp instead of integrated one (no specific reason for this, but...). Planning to buy Marantz...
  2. MaSh

    SOLD Acoustic Portrait Swara Tube Pre-amplifier

    Selling my AP Tube Preamplifier. It is about 5 months old and is in absolutely mint condition. This Preamp needs no introduction, its the best Tube Preamp you can get for this price. As you can see in the pictures, I had an extra Pre Out pair added with the intention of using it for a Dual Mono...
  3. Kannan

    SOLD Rega Cursa 3 preamplifier

    SOLD Rega Cursa 3 preamplifier in excellent working and cosmetic condition with remote control Total 7 inputs and 2 outputs The 7 inputs are 1 (phono, MM or MC), 4 regular RCA inputs, two tape inputs and outputs Two preamp outs wired in parallel internally. One of it can be connected to an...
  4. H

    SOLD Bryston 0.5B Stereo Preamplifier

    I like to sell myvery well maintained Bryston 0.5B Preamplifier with Phono from my collection.Item is in perfect working order and sounds fantastic and have excellent phono stage too .You can google more details.I have bought the item from Japan store via my friend and hand carried by him.This...
  5. haisaikat

    DIY Marantz 7 based preamplifier

    I recently got hold of a Marantz 7 Diy tube preamp kit available online with some additional aesthetic improvement made by the previous owner. On the extreme left there is a power knob, next the 2 VU meters and then on right the volume knob and source selector knob. Posting some internal...
  6. bigron

    For Sale Parasound ZPRE3 - Stereo Pre-amplifier

    Hello Folks, For Sale is my brand new out of the box Parasound Zpre3 Stereo Pre-Amplifier. Condition and Functioning : 10/10 Since it is practically brand new. Only connected to ensure everything works as intended. I bought this with me and carried it along by hand on my recent trip overseas...
  7. Akshit2111

    For Sale For Sale--Yamaha WXC50

    Guys, 2 months old preamp cum streamer cum dac Sparingly used. Reason for sale-- i bought this to use it with a power amplifier as a preamp as my AVR did not have pre outs. Now i have upgraded my AVR and also have sold my power amp. This equipment is of not much use to me. Tidal spotify...
  8. Akshit2111

    Help me use this preamp/streamer/dac

    Hi guys Few days back i ran a thread where i was suggested to add a power amplifier to my current "AVR only" setup. Since my AVR did not have pre outs i ended up buying this preamp/streamer/dac YAMAHA WXC-50 (...
  9. anirudhchandrashekar

    For Sale Preamplifier, Media Player and Center Speaker

    Got the following 3 items for sale. 1. Adcom SLC-505 Preamplifier 2. Asus Oplay mini HD Media player 3. Infinity Video 1 Center Speaker. Adcom SLC-505: This is a very rare passive preamp by Adcom. Adds no coloration to the power amp so it's just pure analog sound. Hand built in the USA...
  10. haisaikat

    Pre-amp suggestions needed

    For the last 4 years I was happily using a CA 650 A integrated amp with MS Aviano 6 FS and was quite happy with source being RPI with Rune / Moode fed via ODAC (objective DAC). This year I made three upgrades, introduced CA 851C CDP which acts not only as transport but also as DAC which is...
  11. Kannan

    Audition of a high end full analogue setup at AV Lounge, Chennai

    The Full Analogue Experience: Some months back, I had written about my experience (review as is called in audio circles) of listening to Xavian Calliope speakers in AV Lounge, Chennai. https://www.hifivision.com/ threads/experiencing-xavian- speakers-at-avlounge.67406/ At that time the source...
  12. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Bryston SP 1.7 Preamp

    The Bryston SP 1.7, which functions as a digital home theatre preamp, DAC, digital audio and pure audiophile analogue mode preamplifier is said to be one of the best preamplifiers ever made. http://www.bryston.com/PDF/newsletters/Bryston_Newsletter_V6_6.pdf Main specs: Processes Dolby...
  13. A

    Wanted Tube preamplifier in excellent condition <Rs. 1.75L

    Hello, Looking for a tube preamplifier. It must be 220-240V and in excellent condition without any hum. Budget is approx Rs. 1.5L-1.75L. Please PM if you have one for sale. Would prefer a single owner and <3 years old but am open to considering whatever is available. Thanks a lot.
  14. A

    For Sale Esoteric SACD Player (original owner)

    Hi, I am putting up for sale my Esoteric SA-50 SACD player. I am the original owner and bought it about two years ago. It is in perfect working condition. It also functions as a DAC and preamplifier. It has a digital out as well so it can also be used as a high grade transport if desired...
  15. A

    Wanted High end Preamplifier - Tube or SS budget Rs. 2.5-3.5L

    Hi, I had posted this a month or so ago but am still in search for a preamplifier. I am looking for a tube based preamplifier but am open to SS as well. Something that isn't too old and is in perfect working condition. Brands that I am looking at are Lamm, Audio Research, Mcintosh...
  16. A

    Wanted High end Preamplifier Wanted

    Hello, Im looking for a high end preamplifier. It could be either solid state or valve based. Budget is Rs. 2-3.5L. Looking at symphonic line, mark levinson, etc. If anyone has one that they want to sell please PM me. The preamp must be in excellent working condition and never repaired...
  17. H

    Wanted DIY Chassis for Preramplifier

    Hi all serching for a good cabinet for my new diy preamplifier build.If anybody have one kept ideal please PM me
  18. Kannan

    For Sale Russound multizone A/V Preamplifier and 8-channel Power Amp

    In 10/10 cosmetic and working condition. Made in USA and purchased in USA. Russound PR-4Z, 4-zone/6 source AV Preamplifier/Controller and matched Russound AP48 8 channel power amplifier. These are top of the line audiophile grade equipment from Russound. The original retail price was...
  19. all4music

    my basic stereo set up

    during my bachelor days i used spend most of my free time on the road - i mean driving to different destinations - with friends. so it was only natural that i started 'upgrading' the car audio system. i had bought amplifier and components even before i could purchase the car :p but now that...
  20. V

    Elekit TU 8500 tube preamp

    The internet is a strange place - its scary for parents almost for the same reason that it is amazing for audiophiles! I built this preamp based on a blog by a person in Hong Kong totally unknown to me, but with whom I seem to connect because of his love for music and choice of equipment. To...