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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. reachkalyan.kr

    Official info from Onkyo india.

    Price increase due to Dollar $$ Change I know i will not get likes for this post.:p:cool: FMs who already shortlisted ONKYO have to pull the trigger asap. PS : Iam not a distributor or nowhere related to Onkyo india.It can help Fm to take decision asap and can save some money. Atb
  2. S

    Latest prices (November 2014) of Samsung LED TV in Gaffar market

    Samsung 40 Inch LED (Model# H5100) : 29 K Samsung 40 Inch LED (Model# H5140) : 30.5 K Samsung 40 inch LED (Smart TV) : 36 K Samsung 32 Inch LED : 15.5 K These are sold without bill and warranty. Recommend to use Belkin Surge Protector with your new LED TV to protect it from getting...
  3. C

    Best Price for Sony W850 55 inch and N7100w Home theater in Pune (PCMC)

    Hi Members/Experts I am planning to by Sony 850 (55 inches) in Pune (PCMC). I have negotiated a price of INR 150000 for Sony W850 (55 inches) and 39500 for Sony N7100W 5.1 home theater. Can you please advice on the prices, if i should go ahead with the deal. Thanks in advance for your...
  4. K

    LG 47LA6910 vs SONY KDL-47W850A and LG 47LA6910 BEST PRICE IN HYDERABAD

    Hi Friends, I have been doing some R&D in deciding 47" smart TV. After lot of time and effort, I got two TVs in the final round - LG 47LA6910 vs SONY KDL-47850A. Based on research so far, I am rating 9/10 for LG 47LA6910 and 8.5/10 for SONY KDL47W850. I request owners of these two models...
  5. T

    Is this a good deal ?

    Polk RM6750 - Rs.22000 Monoprice AS8247 - Rs.20000
  6. M

    Help Needed to Buy Epson TW8100, Bangalore

    Hi I am looking to buy an epson tw8100 in Banglaore. Could anyone please suggest the best price available in Bangalore and also the dealers name and contact. Also, the room size is 12 ft * 12 ft...will it be fine. I am not looking for a very large image (80 in diagonal or even less would do)...
  7. devilwearsprada

    Price Thread For Jamo and Klipsch Speakers

    Posting the updated prices of Jamo/Klipsch/Synergy Speakers and Denon/Marantz Receivers. Hope It helps. Dealer: Decibels India, FF-39, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon. Phone: +911244017751, +919899328439. Manage: Harshpal Singh. The Price is for RF-80 and not RC-80, apologies. and the...
  8. E

    Sony Hx750 is LED backlit or edgelit, does it matter?

    I am going to buy it but someone in forum said that Backlit LED are better , is it so? And what is about Sony HX750 of 46 inch. Pls Tell me price in grey market. ANywhere Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai.
  9. S

    urgent help

    can i get samsung e490 3d plasma tv at a price below 40 k in hyderabad with 2 3d glasses i dont want 3dbd player or 3d bd movie
  10. R

    Hello All

    Hi members, I am Ravi from Gurgaon (Haryana), I love music and that love brought me here.. right now I have Sony HiFi music system, and I want to have a new one. I don't have ideas of AVR but this seems tempting to me. Then I researched about costings of the same, it is quite costly. Please...
  11. S

    Grey Market Shop In Pune for LED TV.

    Hi, I saw price difference between Thailand, Singapore & US market against Indian market. :sad: A huge price difference. Why the hell this consumer electronic goods like HT component and Flat Panel TVs are so costly here in India?:mad: I want to buy 40 inch LED TV but when I compare our...
  12. A

    Onkyo3500-Rs27000 in Mumbai. Good deal?

    Getting onkyo3500 for Rs.27000 at beats99 in Mumbai. Kindly advice whether its a good deal?
  13. S

    Suggestions to buy new Tv

    Hello, I am a new joiner to this forum. Recently, I was going through many threads regarding buying a new TV on this forum. I liked this forum posts so I decided to join myself. I am bit confused about plasmas. This will be my first non-crt tv. LEDs have better quality but I am biased...
  14. C

    Onkyo TX-SR308 price

    Very confused after receiving wildly differing quotations for Onkyo TX-SR308. A Mumbai store has quoted Rs. 26,500 and a Pune guy has offered the same for Rs. 20,000 Could someone guide me on what is the best price I could get it from in Mumbai? Planning to connect it to Wharfdale 10.2...
  15. drkavint

    Atlast angel is at my home samsung ps51d550

    After two months of waiting period got my tv delivered at home at 2 pm today.. i had just connected c-6900 bluray player** via hdmi(1.4)**, played megamind 3d** for 3 minutes..i had not wall mounted TV.i will be doing it on tuesday/ Wednesday. after switching on i just paired two 3d...
  16. drkavint

    PEOPLE GONE CRAZY? its time to refresh.....

    when i entered hifivision 4 months back, i had learned many new tech. words, real prices of tv, ht, speakers, brands trustability services etc... was glad to see people like prankey who worked for group buy with beautiful bargains... nowadays hifi has become too costly with people looking for...
  17. N

    yamaha rx v1065 reviews

    hello guys! This is my first post.I have been reading your forum carefully for last few weeks. i am interested in receivers up to 30k. my room size is 10*12 ft.my use for music is 60%. so i require USB port for playing music from my pen drive.I was thinking about Yamaha Rx v671 while i got...
  18. D

    Onkyo HTS3400 at discounted price

    Reliance Digital called me today and told that they are offering HT S3400 at a discounted price today only. Unfortunately I bought mine for 25k only 2 days ago. ANyone interested pls make use.
  19. T

    Need help with Speaker n AVR choice and Price

    Hello, Need forum members' opinion on following points. Had put these questions as part of my long post on my experience :) Now asking only the questions so that more experts respond. It would really help me to make a correct decision - What's the going price for wharf 9.5 / 9.6...
  20. U

    Samsung LCD and Plasma TV lowest price

    I was just wondering if some one is looking in Delhi to buy the Samsung LCD and Plasma TV small to biggest sizes ...... I know some one in Samsung so can get a good deal... U can post the model number and the best price you are getting after all discounts..... then I will ask my friend for...