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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. D

    GoldenEar, comes to Delhi. Audio nirvana?

    Word is that the first batch of shipment has arrived to the new Distributor. Really looking forward to hearing them in person after having read heaps of praises about them on the Internet. Remember this is Sandy Gross's third enterprise after Polkaudio and Definitive Technology. And although he...
  2. G

    Speakers for Marantz NR1602

    I am based out of Kolkata. Just got a Marantz NR1602 receiver for which I have been shortlisting speakers. Its got 50 W per channel - planning to biamp the speaker... Room is 20 ft by 12 ft. Primarily looking for Music-70% and movies-30%. Planning to get two tower speakers to begin with...
  3. S

    Prices of amp & speakers in Mumbai

    Hi - This is my 2nd post here. I'm trying to set up my first hi-fi system. I am not sure if the prices dealers are quoting make sense. I'll be playing music 90% of the time. The input would be from a CD player - a Yamaha BD S667. Lakozy - NAD C356BEE with built in DAC - Rs 65,000 paired...
  4. G

    Samsung 46C650 LCD Shocker Price

    Great News for Samsung LCD lovers. Samsung 46C650 LCD TV is now available at 66K. Contact Vaibhav JD Electronics (+91 9840480822). Shocker price from same person who offered Samsung 50C6500 Plasma for 67.5K for Hifivision members. Vaibhav seems to be dealing with Samsung directly for...
  5. particleman

    Players, Transports and DACs Price List

    Price Thread for: CD, SACD, and other high-fidelity audio players (not DVD/BD), Dedicated transports, Digital-to-analogue converters and other processors. Fellow users are requested to dedicate this thread to prices and dealers only. Kindly avoid discussion of this or any other...