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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. A

    Car in the speaker

    My son decided to drop his Hotwheels into the Pioneer aj bs 22 from back hole and did it. How to remove it? Can I play the speakers with car in it?
  2. P

    Troubles with receiver and sub

    Hello I recieved my new sub in the mail today, XTZ 99 W10.16. My problem is; it do not want to be connected to my receiver Harman Kardon AVR 260. I have had this receiver in almost 2 years, but never ever connected to a woofer. FYI my surround speakers are from my old Logitech Z-5500. The...
  3. Jayann

    My Denon wireless headphone is not working with with bluetooth but fine when wired

    Hi, Request senior member's help and advice! My Denon AH-NCW500 Globe Cruiser wireless Headphone is not working when I tries to connect it with Bluetooth. Only one side sound is coming. When I connected it with wire both sides working absolutely fine. Did any one know ant think about...
  4. L

    Advice needed: Norge2060, should I have it repaired from local repair shop?

    This may sound like a silly question, should i have my Norge 2060 amplifier repaired by the local electronics repairman? The amplifier has developed a minor fault, when I turn the volume knob high or low, the left speaker crackles. At times either of the speaker goes silent. The friendly folks...
  5. Rupam

    Belkin Surge Protector Blown

    Hi, My Belkin Economy Series 4 Socket surge protector was blown yesterday. Partly it was my fault. I normally use all my equipment in surge protector and the surge protector mains cord is plugged in a wall socket. I don't put AV on inverter back up because my inverter is not powerful...
  6. S

    Steelseries 7H problem

    Guys I really want you all to help me out on this one. I have a Steelseries 7H USB version which I combine with a 5hv2 soundcard for surround sound. Lately, I have been facing a lot of problems with the volume control (ie, the Inline Volume wheel present in the cord itself) as it makes the...
  7. S

    problems in usb playback on sammy 6 series

    hi guys, i have bought a samsung c630 LCD 2 months back and i have been enjoying the tv very well.but very recently i have been experiencing problem in usb playback.when ever i connect my 500 GB hdd the tv get restarted instantly after i plug in the hdd.and also it get disconnected after every...
  8. S

    WDTV HDMI input is not recognized by Samsung Plasma TV

    Hi Guys, I bought WDTV Live 5-6 months back and HDMI cable about a month back, since then I am trying to play media thorough HDMI in TV it displays message "Source not connected/recognized". mine is Samsung plasma tv I tried various things like switching off/on the WDTV and TV...
  9. J

    Strange problem with my new Denon 2310. Please HELP....

    Dear all, I got my new Denon 2310 on Monday 7-Sep. This is my setup AVR - Denon 2310 (6-16ohm speakers, 7X105W) Fronts - Kef iQ7 (8ohms, 150W) (Bi-amped using the Amp) Center - Kef iQ60C (8ohms, 150W) Rear - Jamo s416 (6ohms, 80-120W) Sub - Onkyo HT (8ohms, 100W, Powered...
  10. D

    Rotel rsx-965 blues

    Hi Guys, this is my setup. 1) Rotel RSX-965 2)sony dvd player (2008 model) 3)Jamo s-408 speakers (front) 4) KEF monitor 100 centre 5)Profx bookshelves as rears. I have tried three different dvd player on the rotel and the optical/coaxial DTS signal doesnt seem to be decoding. I just...