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projector screen

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  1. P

    SOLD Sold-New Salange Projector Screen 120 inch 16:9 Reflective Fabric Cloth

    Hi, For sale is brand new unused Salange Projector Screen 120 inch 16:9 Reflective Fabric Cloth. Brought for around 30 USD, selling for Rs 2000. I am in Bangalore but can ship anywhere. This product is good for enhanced brightness and contrast levels and displays a beautiful picture when set...
  2. V

    SOLD New prices! Entire HT Sale Sony VPL HW40, CRYSTAL ACOUSTICS 7.1 THX, YAMAHA RX V683, 150 SCREEN

    Hey Folks, I am getting rid of my entire home theatre that i built up. Four things for sale. All items are in great condition, no problems at all guaranteed, all first hand buys, located in Noida/ NCR. And as the stuff is heavy and fragile, i would recommend interested folks around this area...
  3. neel

    For Sale For Sale: Projector Screen: Inlight Wall Imported Autolock/Instalock Screen

    Item: Inlight Wall Imported Autolock/Instalock Screen Size: 10ftx8ft Product description: Item very similar to https://www.amazon.in/Inlight-Autolock-Instalock-Projector-Screen/dp/B07663C43P Supports 1080 P FULL HD, 3 D and 4 K Technology, Comes with instalock/Autolock mechanism, i.e. No...
  4. R

    Projection on white wall is better than spandex screen?

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased XGIMI H1 projector after doing a lot of research. I've been using it for more than a month by projecting on a white wall and it looked awesome! Crisp 1080 projector! I thought it would look even better on a fixed frame screen! So I hired a carpenter, got a...
  5. R


    As suggested by i a member im creating this thread trying to DIY a curved projector screen This is what i found on youtube is this a correct way to make or can somebody guide me with a proper way to build and materials to use! Thanks in advance!
  6. N

    My first PJ, should I try a cheaper one like UNIC UC40 or buy something up to 30k

    Hello All, I want to buy my first projector. I can allot a budget upto 25-30K for now. But since I am a beginner for PJ, should I try a cheaper one like UNIC UC40 or EGATE i9 or..... buy something in the range of 25-30k? Please suggest guys... Will there be a good difference in PQ...
  7. K

    Budget Projecter Screen in India for LG PF1500

    Dear Friends, Recently purchsed LG PF1500 from USA.Residing at hyderabad. Planning to buy the projector screen for the same in budget price. my requirements are: 1.Home theatre purpose but no specific setup 2.Not fixed. 3.Automatic options ( Folding ,etc) not required. Friends...
  8. K

    Best prices for custom-built projector screen (AT) in Bangalore?

    #2 - Best prices for custom-built projector screen (AT) in Bangalore? Where do I find a 12' x 8' Acoustically Transparent (AT) projector screen, in white, with 1.3 Gain, in Bangalore? Now, since my room is 18' wide and 8.5' high, I was thinking of a max screen size of 12' wide and 8' tall. I...
  9. R

    Help neededto install 5.1 system

    Hello all... I am new to AV world. I am using AVR yamaha and i want to select speaker accordingly. How to choose speakers comaptible with AVR. example : HTR-367 is an AVR and YST-SW315 is an subwoofer. What type speaker i should choose? Reply me ASAP. also guide me for screen and hd...
  10. R

    Thank you.....this is a fantastic forum !!

    I have been a frequent visitor to this forum over the past few months....just reading and soaking a lot of information. During the construction of my house over the last 1 year, I had reached out a audio/video 'consultant' and had wired the entertainment room (size is 18 ft x 14 ft). Based...
  11. R

    Need some input with 7.1 home theater system setup

    Hello All, I am planning to get a 7.1 home theater setup.:yahoo: My room size is 22ft(length) and width 14ft. I want to use it 95% for movies and watching tv shows. very very less music I went to a home theater system dealer and he suggested us to go with below setup. 1) projector...
  12. B

    Wanted Projecter Screen pull down <120"

    Hi, Looking for a Projector screen pull down size less than 120". TIA, Bhanu
  13. S

    Negative Image on start with Epson Home Cinema 2000 3LCD projector

    I dont know why image is not coming here.. please have a look at Imgur I am getting above image whenever I power on my Epson LCD projector. I need to remove hdmi cable and insert it again to make it correct. It will work if I remove and insert hdmi from either of device i.e. from Projector or...
  14. S

    Liberty Grandview Screen locking is not working

    I took Liberty Grandview screen from Sanghavi Impex shop in bangalore. with in 5 months its auto locking system is broken. Now it is totally freely moving and not stoping. I called shopper about this he said that there is no gurantee on product and for repair it has to pack and send to the...
  15. M

    Looking for Da-Lite, Draper screens dealers in Delhi/Gurgaon

    Hi, I am looking for dealers of Da-Lite, Draper screens in Delhi / Gurgaon. Also, what are your views on Liberty Grandview screens sold by AV Vision India, Hyderabad? Has any FM dealt with them, how was your experience? Thanks, Manish
  16. G

    Hello, Please & Thank You :)

    Hi everyone, I'm GF from Mumbai......middling of age, but young of heart.......lover of all things tech. Just beginning my journey into the world of av heaven.......moving up from a Samsung HTIB to a 'proper', albeit fledgling, av system. Been reading this forum for some months now, but...
  17. S

    Projection screen - 133" - 150"

    Hello Friends, I have recently brought Benq W1080ST, short throw projector. So far good, But am not yet able to decide on screen. Can you please help me. Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (no idea about 2.35:1) Diagonal size: min. 133 inches. max. 150 inches Distance from screen to seating (D) : 92...
  18. B

    Which Fixed-frame projector screen to go for?

    Hi, After many reading many threads and some engaging discussion I've bought the following items for my dedicated home-theater. Now I want to decide on which projector screen should I go for. I want a Fixed-screen one, alternatively I can also go for DIY option, but I am not sure if I should...
  19. S

    From where to buy Projector Screen & Mount in Bangalore or Online

    Any suggestions please... I am looking for projector screen and projector mount for Epson 2000 (3D compatible). where I can get above things at VFM prices.
  20. B

    Which 3D HD projector to buy?

    Hi, I am building a media room at my home for which I am planning to buy a a decent 3D Projector and high-density projector screen along with a home theater system (probably Yamaha YHT-299). The size of my would-be media room will be 25 feetX15.5 feet and I guess projector screen will be of...