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  1. R

    For Sale Rigal RD602 DLP Mini 3D Projector 600ANSI Lumens Android WiFi Projector Active Shutter 3D Full HD 1080P

    Selling my 20 days Old DLP RIgal Projectors / Planing to upgrade Xgimi H2 Paid : 34000/- ( Android version ) Asking : 28000 All apps are working flawlessly like Jio Tv / Prime / Netflix / Jio Movies etc . Open to delivery pan India . Reffer Link for more detailed specs :- Projector System...
  2. M

    How should I connect the projector to the receiver?

    I have shortlisted Pioneer VSX330 AVR for my new theater room, but I have a serious doubt how should I connect the projectors to the avr. Please clarify 1. HDMI input from my laptop, I will play Videos from my laptop. 2. HDMI output to Projector, here's the thing I want only video to transmit...
  3. R

    Please help for projector display Setup

    Hello, i am looking for projector setup to view videos and other content via hdmi connection. Have come across youtube video where you can diy projector with screen,etc just under INR 15000/- . Can anyone please help will it be possible to build these projector setup ...with new tech led,lcd or...
  4. N

    For Sale Egate P513 projector for sale - 6 months old - condition is new

    Hello All, I want to sell my 6 months old EAGTE P513 projector. Original bill and packing available. Looks & Performance: Just like new Usage: Very less, May be I watched around 10 to 15 movies in the last 6 months. Warranty: 6 months left Purchase price 17k Asking price 14k PM me if...
  5. R

    For Sale RUNCO Projector HD 1080P 3Chip DLP 2100Lumens

    For sale is a projector runco HD 1080P in excellent working condition. Price is fixed at Rs. 243000.00 It is 5 Years Old. Shipping is Free by Fedex Brightness: 2100 Lumens Contrast: 10000:1 Resolution: 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD) Video Modes: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/50...
  6. N

    Please suggest center channel placement with respect to projector screen

    Please suggest if its better to place the center channel above or below the projector screen. If it is a screen, I would have placed it behind it, but I have to continue using the wall as a screen for now. I really want to add a screen, but i observed that I can not do it anytime soon due to my...
  7. N

    Please help::Pj connected to Avr. Sound is not coming from avr. Its coming from pj

    Dear all, When i connect pj to avr, Audio is coming from projector. But it is not coming from avr. Can you help please...my setup is like this. Laptop--yht196avr--egate p513 PJ (all connections through hdmi) If I swich off the PJ, the laptop is detecting my avr in audio devices. If I...
  8. S

    Suggestions for a Projector for a Home theater Epson tw5300/ Benq1110/ Benq 2000

    Hi guys I am a complete noob when it comes to projectors and I am looking to buy a projector for a Home theater. I have been suggested to go with either Benq1110 or Epson tw5300. Which one would you recommend and why? Also is the extra money for benq2000 or tw6600 worth it? The room can be made...
  9. N

    First Experience with Projectors (Vivibright, Egate, Epson)

    Sharing my first experience with projectors: I have tried Vivibright GP90 (Rs.16-17,000), Egate P513 (Rs.17-18,000) and Epson EB-X31 (Rs.34-36000). Having tried Epson, I could not go back to the cheaper brands. The colours are fantastic, like watching an LCD TV. And having seen a large...
  10. N

    My first PJ, should I try a cheaper one like UNIC UC40 or buy something up to 30k

    Hello All, I want to buy my first projector. I can allot a budget upto 25-30K for now. But since I am a beginner for PJ, should I try a cheaper one like UNIC UC40 or EGATE i9 or..... buy something in the range of 25-30k? Please suggest guys... Will there be a good difference in PQ...
  11. T

    Hi There! Newbie here

    Hey, I'm Terrey Thompson. I just joined this forum to learn more about audio video equipments and I should consider buying. :)
  12. Z

    Is such a setup possible !!

    Dear Forum members Im thinking of purchasing a projector & a 7.1/7.2 AVR. The only criteria is that 1. The AVR should be able to play the audio from the projector wirelessly. The projector should be a 3D Full HD. The AVR should be a 7.1/7.2 with Dolby ATMOS. I require help from...
  13. D

    Projector for Small Home Theatre Room

    Hi Guys, I am on look out for my first projector for my quite small home theatre rooom. I was using an LG 3D TV so far and it broke down a week back :( I want to go for a full HD 1080p projector. My max possible screen width is 60 inches. The max distance from screen to viewing area is just...
  14. dipdawiz

    A compact HT

    A compact HT, a term taken from trending automobile sensation now-a-days - "Compact" SUV/Sedan :D Though I always had the thought of having a dedicated HT room some day, but urban life never allowed to take any step towards that. And even when I was out for a better sound for my TV few...
  15. R

    Should I import my old Plasma and projector or a new TV?

    Hi Guys, Panasonic 42" 1080P Plasma TV - TH-P42U30 I really love the PQ on my Plasma. The resale value here is very bad (like INR7k) so I'm thinking of carrying it back to India on TR and getting a projector as well. Obviously buying a new TV is more attractive - but based in Australia...
  16. T

    TI DLP Pico Projectors at CES 2016 :)

    Posting the following as found it very useful to know the latest happenings in the DLP LED pico projector world!! click link Worth a watch for those in the hunt for pico projectors.. (like me :lol:) Looks like 'affordable' big screen awesomeness:yahoo: is just round the corner - a reality...
  17. R

    Help neededto install 5.1 system

    Hello all... I am new to AV world. I am using AVR yamaha and i want to select speaker accordingly. How to choose speakers comaptible with AVR. example : HTR-367 is an AVR and YST-SW315 is an subwoofer. What type speaker i should choose? Reply me ASAP. also guide me for screen and hd...
  18. S

    help required for accoustic false ceiling

    i am doing a home theatre 25feet x 40 feet on terrace. The roofing material is aluminium galvanised puff. what should be my false ceiling. i am also installing 2tons x 5 nos cassette type roof mounted airconditioners.i want help with accoustics n false ceiling. what shd be size of screen &...
  19. R

    Thank you.....this is a fantastic forum !!

    I have been a frequent visitor to this forum over the past few months....just reading and soaking a lot of information. During the construction of my house over the last 1 year, I had reached out a audio/video 'consultant' and had wired the entertainment room (size is 18 ft x 14 ft). Based...
  20. M

    Need a Short Throw Projector

    Hi, I've posted the same in a different group (A/V set up). Noticed that we have a separate group for projectors. Can I get some help on this please.. I need help in selecting a good short throw projector. This not for a HT setup but will be mostly used for watching TV channels. The brands...