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Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com
  1. C

    Wanted PSP Games and PS2 controllers

    Like the title suggests, I'm looking to buy PSP UMDs and PS2 Controllers asap. Nephews are getting bored and it's too hot to play outside for all day long. Please let me know what can I buy from you guys? Also, if there are any Bangalore based folks who can lend me the UMDs and Controllers...
  2. snorkel4u

    PS3 Slim prices in NCR/ India

    Hi All, Just wanted to know the best possible prices for PS3 Slim 80 (if such a model exists) PS3 Slim 160 PS3 Slim 320 In the current NCR Market. I am seeking to buy one, with Bill and Warranty etc. Thanks, p.s. if any one is selling his PS3, you could PM as well.
  3. C

    How to Connect Marantz Amp, LCD TV, Sony PS2, DVD Player

    Hi, I need some information on connecting the following devices to LCD TV without changing the AV cables everytime. 1. Sony PS2 2. Moser Baer DVD player 3. Marantz Amplifier connected to Mission Tower Speakers. 4. LG 26" LCD TV. When I use PS2, I connect it to LCD Directly. When I...