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  1. kapvin

    SOLD Kapvin's once in a decade spring-cleaning - Part 2 -AV sources

    Greetings fellow forum members, I wrote about my decennial spring cleaning activity in my previous post and the reason I am doing this Spring cleaning part 1 I am putting up stuff for sale, which I now realise that I should have years ago, in the hope that some of this may be useful to...
  2. P

    Not able to connect to playstation on Sony R56C

    Hello All, Need some help as I am not able to connect to playstation3 via this Sony R56C LED TV. This TV has two HDMI ports. 1. HDMI ARC: Able to connect PS3 and everything is fine. 2. HDMI MHL: Not able t connect and TV gives out a "No signal. check the input" message. I however, am able to...
  3. D

    For Sale PS3 80 GB (Fat model) - With 4 games - Bangalore only

    I am putting up my used 80GB PlayStation 3 (Fat model) console for sale. Only offering it to people who can pick it up locally in Bangalore as I do not want the hassle of shipping. The sale includes the console, accessories and 4 games. Console - Model CECH-K08/D-80GB-PS3 Accessories -...
  4. P

    Too good to be true?

    Hi forum, this is my first post and I would greatly appreciate your help. I have been searching for a while now for a reasonably priced set of 5.1 speakers so I can finally enjoy my PS3 system to the fullest extent, i.e. true 5.1 surround sound for movies, Blu-ray and games. This is the...
  5. akhil7j

    For Sale Google Nexus 10 16GB Tablet. Mint Condition.

    Hi, I am selling off my Google Nexus 10 Tablet which was bought in December 2012. Purchased from US Google Play store and shipped via Shopandship. The tablet is in excellent condition. No scratches anywhere and no problem in hardware/software as well. The tablet has 16GB Internal memory...
  6. V

    Can PS3 output analog Audio?

    Can the PS3 output an analog audio signal though the Multi AV connector? I have read different reports on this: some blogs on the web suggest that the audio signal carried by the Multi AV connector is indeed analog and can be fed to a stereo amp directly (without a DAC). However, the PS3...
  7. V

    Problem playing 3D movies on PS3

    First of all, sorry if already a solution of my problem elsewhere in the forum and I am not able to search the same. I have recently purchased Panasonic 50GT50 the 50" plasma TV. The problem is, I am not been able to play 3D movies through Playstation 3 which I already have. The screen returns...
  8. inshadesofgrey

    Panasonic BDT-220 VS. PS3

    Hi, I went through a couple of threads on the subject but couldn't come up with a definite yes or a definite no, so i was hoping you could help me out? I am getting a Optoma GT750E 720p projector soon (with built in 1.4a HDMI) and will be mainly using it for Blu-ray movies and 3D movies...
  9. A

    Buying games from outside India

    Hi all, I have bought ps3 from India. If i buy games from outside india (US/Canada/UK), will they work on my ps3. I want to buy "Dance star party" game but I cant find it anywhere on Indian websites. Thanks
  10. snorkel4u

    FAT PS3 80 + extras for 8000/- ... Good Deal?

    Hi, I am getting a May 2009, US bought, PS3 FAT 80 GB with 2 dual shock controllers and a Blu Ray remote, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Planet Earth Blu Ray. All this is for 8000 Rs. May be an HDMI cable along with it too. Do you guys this its a good deal? This will be my first console ever...
  11. A

    Want to run ps3 3.7 with external hard disk?

    Hello friends, I have a ps3 verison 3.7, I want to play games though external hard disk. Is there any availability for hard disk for this version. please tell me. :D
  12. snorkel4u

    Wanted PS3 320 GB Move bundle

    Looking for (Used) PS3 Move bundle 320 GB Not specific about firmware, older or newer, both are okay for me. Bundled games would be an advantage. Delhi/ Gurgaon deals preferred but can consider other cities as well.
  13. D

    Buying pre-owned PS3 Games from Blur

    I heard somewhere that Satyam Blur is selling pre-owned PS3 games. Has anyone here bought pre-owned PS3 games from Blur? If yes, what is the kind of pricing they offer? I also read in another post in this forum that Landmark Chennai sells used PS3 games. Please confirm if they still do sell...
  14. A

    No audio when playing Dts-Hd Master Audio Samples on Ps3

    Im having problems playing a dts master audio file I downloaded from here*http://www.demo-worl...on-trailers.php This is what I did. Downloaded the file to my usb then inserted it on my ps3, plays the video fine but my onkyo 3500 system does not pick up any sound. My reciever does not produce...
  15. P

    PS3 or Blu-Ray Player?

    Hi I have Sony DVD player NS628P (with component out, no HDMI) which is connected to 40-inch Samsung LED. Somehow feeling that not using the HDTV to its's max potential. Now want to upgrade the player and confused between PS3 and a stand-alone blu-ray player. I watch lots of DVD/BR-rips...
  16. V

    Worth buying a PS3 from Dubai?

    Hi, One of my friend is returning from Dubai in August and am planning to get a PS3 from there as its about 2-2.5k cheaper than in India. But had few doubts: (1) Whether the games available in India, work on this PS3? (2) Would I have any problem to use PSN in India? (3) Whether the Blu...
  17. R

    Hey, a little help?

    Hi. I joined this forum a few days back in order to try and find a good deal for some gaming stuff I want to sell.. I dont know why, but i'm not able to post in the "for sale by owner" category. Can someone help?
  18. Stevie

    40" or 42" FHDTV for PS3 gaming - 3D optional - budget ~50k

    Hi, Looking for a 1080P tv 40" or 42" Usage - 40% PS3 40% - Watching movies thro PC/ USB HDD 20% - SD tv content PQ is more important than whether its LED/LCD/Plasma 2011 models preferred - Don't prefer gray market due to warranty considerations... Willing to wait for a month... budget =...
  19. drkavint

    Help me

    HI EVERYONE, i would like to buy a game console with motion gaming, planned for x box3+kinet/ ps3+ MOVE budget is 25,000. please suggest me where ( in chennai/ bangalore ) can i get hacked/ modded player at market. i own ps2 hacked, my games cd cost only 40-50 rs. when compared to original...
  20. snorkel4u

    PS3 Slim prices in NCR/ India

    Hi All, Just wanted to know the best possible prices for PS3 Slim 80 (if such a model exists) PS3 Slim 160 PS3 Slim 320 In the current NCR Market. I am seeking to buy one, with Bill and Warranty etc. Thanks, p.s. if any one is selling his PS3, you could PM as well.