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    Dolby True HD and DTS HD MA support

    I have bought a new Yamaha home theater(YHT 1840) which only support Dolby Digital and DTS HD. Can I still get lossless audio from this receiver if I have blu-ray player which supports Dolby True HD and DTS HD MA decoding? or a PS4 which I believe supports these codecs. Can some one please...
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    Inverter/UPS Suggest for Gaming/Entertainment unit

    I've moved to a new society where we do have a power-generator, but every time the power goes off and comes back on, which is about 2-3 times a day, it trips for about 2 seconds. I've lost n number of games online when this happens. Many shots or moves that I missed when watching sports on...
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    Best TV for Console gaming?

    Hi, I am out in the market for a LED TV (40 inches) and the primary usage would be to play games on my consoles and play HD content available over STBs. Considering refresh rates, response time, and color reproduction, which TV would be a good budget buy? I don't have any budget in my mind...
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    32" Gaming HDTV for PS4

    Hey guys ! I want to buy a 32" gaming HDTV for my PS4 but things are input lag and motion blur if somebody can help me telling what are good TVs for gaming !? Requirements : - My budget is 30k. But should have least motion blur and low input lag. Viewing angle is not an issue. :confused: