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Home Theatre Systems
  1. N

    Wanted Non Working Samsung Plasma PS51D550

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a non working Samsung Plasma PS51D550 for parts Specifically looking for X-Main Board If anyone has it or has any idea where can i get the same Plz drop me a message me with contact details or u can also Whatsapp me on 9322213966
  2. N

    Wanted A Panel Dead Samsung Plasma PS51D550/E550

    Hi, I am looking for a Panel Dead Samsung Plasma PS51D550/E550. PM me if anyone looking to sell it in Mumbai
  3. B

    Internal crack on my Samsung PS51D550 Plasma TV. Warranty denied.

    My five month old Plasma TV (Samsung PS51D550) has developed an internal crack. If you feel the outside glass you can get to know that it was not due to any external impact since the crack cannot be felt on the outside. Contacted Samsung customer care. A technician came over an examined it...
  4. drkavint

    samsungps51d550 brightness issue

    hi guys, sorry iam back with one new problem, though i own ps51d550 for nearly 5 month,i never adjusted brightness above 50 level, not even tried once. i had happen to watch paranormal activity3, (via pc using hdmi, vlc player) movie yesterday it was bit darker, so i adjusted brightness to...
  5. sammydude

    Where do I buy Samsung PS51D550 in Hyderabad? Is it the right time to buy?

    Hello all I've decided to buy a Plasma 3D Full HD Tv. Zeroed in on Samsung PS51D550. Don't want to look at any other model, since this is good VFM below 70K. 1) Where do I get it for a good price in Hyderabad? 2) Will there be finance options available? 3) Is it the right time to buy or...
  6. drkavint

    yesterday had my nightmare

    iam the most happiest owner of samsung ps51d550 for last two months, yesterday thought to play with my tv, so entered service menu( tried it long back , but since i lost pip function i reversed to 551 model.)playing with model change , i thought to enter some other menu... did some change... to...
  7. drkavint

    Atlast angel is at my home samsung ps51d550

    After two months of waiting period got my tv delivered at home at 2 pm today.. i had just connected c-6900 bluray player** via hdmi(1.4)**, played megamind 3d** for 3 minutes..i had not wall mounted TV.i will be doing it on tuesday/ Wednesday. after switching on i just paired two 3d...
  8. drkavint

    samsung plasma 3d no hdmi 1.4?

    i went through the catalog of samsung 51d550 comparisons. it says its hdmi 1.3a not 1.4,, and doesn't support audio return channel.. can any user confirm it.. also hd ready model (series 4) supports digital broadcast. not full hd( SERIES 5)