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  1. A

    Pulz RS 250 BAL

    Hi, Am new here, i would like to know more about the Pulz RS 250 BAL, I was going through pulz's new website n i stumbled upon this amp- Pulz RS 250 BAL I would like to know if its different from the RS250...i would like to know if its neutral or coloured, and also its technical...
  2. Brajendu

    Pulz stereo amp. + speakers , any suggestion?

    Dear All... 5 yrs ago after listening the first sweet sounding audio in a HIFi Store here in Pune, I've been very interested to get a good stereo setup (but the budget vs quality confusion continued for yrs) confusing myself that I can get bigger floor-standers if I spend little more, lil...
  3. H

    Pulz rs 250

    HI All Getting a PULZ RS 250 at a good price ( Used of course!) 1) Any reviews of this amp? 2) No sign of getting Pre Amp - I am told that I can easily drive by a CD player with volume control - is it true? ( BY RCA Cables) 3) Also I aam told that it has GAIN control which is like volume...