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Mogami Cables
  1. K

    Servicing an old stereo amplifier in Pune

    Hi, I would like to know if you could kindly suggest a good technician in PUNE who could repair an old Sansui stereo amplifier. It is like 20 years old and, while the speakers make some noise when connected, most of the tone controls including balance do not work. I guess I need someone...
  2. R

    For Sale Marantz PM6004 Amp + Dali Zensor 7 Floorstanding Speakers

    Only for local pickup (Pune). No Shipping possible. Marantz PM6004 integrated Stereo Amplifier: Purchased Mar 2013 from HiFiMart.com Condition: Physical 9/10 . Functional : 10/10 Current Market Price : Model not available. PM6006 is around Rs. 42000 Asking Price : Rs. 21000...
  3. M

    ELAC B6 vs Boston A26 vs Wharfedale Diamond 220

    Hi Guys, I live in Pune. I have listened to Elac B5 and found it quite good. I am inclined to buy the B6 based on rave reviews. However, I cannot seem to find a shop that can demo me the B6. Alternately, hifimart is selling Boston's A26 and Wharfedale Diamonds at discounted price. I am told...
  4. M

    a la carte western rock music (lossless) wanted

    Hi Guys, Is there a website where you can buy lossless music a la carte at a reasonable price? For example, I want to buy 2 songs of Lynrd Skynrd, not the entire album. Also, I live in Pune. Is there any shop / place where I can look for second hand CDs / DVDs of very old western classics...
  5. S

    Speaker setup for listening to music

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, after lurking around for quite some time. I just started working and can finally spend my own money to get myself a pair decent speakers. I listen to a lot of music and have pretty varied taste - rock, alternative R&B, indie electronica...
  6. dheerajin

    Cables available in Pune-Pro Audio cables

    Dear All, I got lot of inquiries from FMs, when I posted in one of the thread for Gotham cable availability in Pune. So for the information I am giving you the names of the sellers- For Gotham cable and Neutrik connector-Melody pro in Korgaon Park Main Road. For Sommer cable and amphenol...
  7. R


    Hi I stumbled upon this site a a few months back and must say that this is one of the best sites to showcase collaboration and community. It's just recently that I rediscovered my passion for music which had got buried during all these years under the hectic schedule of the Corporate. I...
  8. L

    2014 TV Big Bazaar

    I am from Pune. My requirements are - Size - 32" Full HD LED TV Type - Smart TV (hopefully) Refresh Rate - 100Hz (minimum) Budget - 35 - 40k Dimensions of room - 15 feet x 15 feet Viewing Distance - 13 feet I need to know whether any new TV's have been launched in 2014 or are...
  9. L

    2014 LED - Big Bazaar

    I am from Pune. My requirements are - Size - 32" Full HD LED TV Type - Smart TV (optional) Refresh Rate - 100Hz Budget - 35k Dimensions of room - 15 feet x 15 feet Viewing Distance - 13 feet I need to know whether any new TV's have been launched...
  10. N

    Purchasing AVR + Speakers in Pune vs Mumbai

    I am starting this thread to understand which of the locations offer better discounts as I don't mind traveling down to Mumbai (I am located in Pune) to make the big purchase (this is the first one in my case :) ). I must admit that I haven't auditioned at lot of places locally but the...
  11. S

    Grey Market Shop In Pune for LED TV.

    Hi, I saw price difference between Thailand, Singapore & US market against Indian market. :sad: A huge price difference. Why the hell this consumer electronic goods like HT component and Flat Panel TVs are so costly here in India?:mad: I want to buy 40 inch LED TV but when I compare our...
  12. G

    Need urgent help for Panasonic 42x30D

    I want to buy Panasonic 42x30D urgently in pune. Got quote of 40K from one brand shop and same from one another shop. On thread i saw some people got it for 36k, and on Laptopby.com also its 36k Want to know what is the best price i can get and if somebody can help me get this price in...
  13. V

    Onkyo 3300 off the market, is it true?

    after going thro all info about 3300 i was dreaming all along for it... i called one dealer in pune today he said there is new version 3400 and 3300 is off market frm last month!! plz let me know is it true? is 3400 as good as 3300 performance wise? again i appeal to guys frm pune...
  14. A

    looking for media player in Pune

    A big Hello to everyone at HFV. Came accross this community and feel it is just the place for me to look for help. What I need is names and phone numbers (if possible) of sellers of Media players in Pune. Specifically looking for WDTV Live. Other suggestions are welcome. Neither me nor my...