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  1. dd.dewan

    Wanted Wanted: Used Turntable in good condition, Technics preferably

    Hi All, A friend is looking for a used Turn-table, preferably Technics in good condition for home use (not used by a DJ) If available, please direct message, based out of Delhi. Price range - 10 - 30 Thanks DD
  2. naviworks

    Festive season 2016 deals post here!

    Hi FMs As we all know, festive season is the time to splurge some money as we generally get good discounts during this period:clapping: If you happen to come across any deal kindly post it here. It may be useful to other FMs. To start with ... I saw an ad in TOI in which Philips and...
  3. Z

    Advise for a led tv with good black level

    Hello I want to buy an new tv 32 ~ 42 inch for a small room, i was interested by plasma tv like samsung f4500 or h4500 but i was afraid from the dimmed whites, i'm not interested by the hockey but sometimes on TV shows or animal documentary when the white color is widely present the picture...
  4. anubisX

    Anyone Willing To Buy From Amazon @ Purana Exchange Rate ?

    Hello everyone, you might've seen my thread other thread created in July when I bought an iPhone and USPS stole the phone. Anyways, the good news is that the seller has refunded me partially as he only had the phone insured for a partial amount only :( Stupid him !! So, I have that in my Amazon...