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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. W

    Bought LG 42PQ60R plasma

    Hi, After much research on this and other forums I finally bought the LG 42PQ60R plasma. I had almost decided on the PV8 but after a side-by side comparison with the PQ60 I went for the LG. There were a few reasons for my choice: 1. First and foremost, was the side-by-side compario...
  2. madbullram

    Plasma TV settings and facts

    I am posting a compilation of various information I collected while learning about Plasma and also working with my PV8. Latest model Plasmas do not suffer from burn-in but its better to be safe during the first 100 hrs at least. Though this contains, PV8 info it applies to all Plasmas: The...
  3. madbullram

    PV8 / 80 Service Menu for Usage Time

    After long search, found the way to find the usage time of my PV8. Knowing the total time the TV was used helps in 2 things: 1. When the set is delivered we can check if its a DEMO piece bcos the usage time will be more (hours of usage). 2. Will help us determine accurately if the run-in...