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q acoustics

Wharfedale Speakers
  1. amit11

    3020i Q acoustics vs 225 wharfedale

    Hi Friends, I am a bit confused between Q acoustics 3020i and wharfedale 225 book shelf speakers. I was able to audition Q acoustics but not the other. For wharfedale the dealer had version 220 but he did not demo saying that is a packed piece and if they open it i would have to purchase it, so...
  2. R

    Denon 2400 or 3400 for AVR? And matched with Elac Debut F6 or Q Acoustics 3050 series (speakers)? Looking for expert advice!

    Hello audiophiles! I'm looking to set up a home theatre system, and want your expert opinion to help me decide a few things. Here are what I'm considering (I have asked for quite a few details so thank you in advance for your patience!): 1. AVR: Denon 2400 or Denon 3400 - Does the 3400 score...
  3. kane

    Wanted Floor Standers

    Hello, I am looking for any of the following floor standers 1. Dali Ikon 6 Mk2 2. Q Acoustics 2050i 3. Q Acoustics 3050 4. Dali Zensor 7 If you have any of these for sale please let me know. Budget is 45000>
  4. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3050 Floorstanders

    Winner of What Hifi product of the year and consistently rated 5 stars, these speakers will be a match for speakers several times their price. Q Acoustics 3050 review | What Hi-Fi? One year old and in immaculate condition. Selling because my new amp is overpowered for these speakers. You...
  5. A

    New Home theater setup

    Hi All, This is my first post here after going through this forum for 2 weeks.I need help in setting up a home theater at my place. I have a budget of 80-90k. My living room size is 320 sq ft. I will mainly watch bluray movies and listen to music sometimes. I want to buy the DENON x1200w for...
  6. G

    Importing Monitor audio bronze 6 or 5 or Q acoustic 3050

    Hello friends, I am thinking of Importing one of the above speaker (Import as in carried as baggage under free custom allowance per passport) Prices are as follows MA Bronze 6 --USD 550 MA Bronze 5 -- USD 400 QA 3050------- USD 600 Which of these is a better bet at the above...
  7. D

    Floor-standers around Rs 1L Q900 Concept 40 XT6F XT8F B&W Elac

    I am thinking of converting my bedroom (around 300 sq ft) current 5.1 system (Marantz 1504 + BA Soundware XS) to a 3.1 system since I do not watch too many movies. I do like to listen to vocals like Adele, Celine Dion, etc., jazz and the occasional bollywood. On a visit to ProFx in...
  8. A

    Q acoustics 3020 vs Wharfedale 220

    Hey, I did not find much on Q acoustics here! Can you please comment on comparison between Q acoustics 3020 and Wharfedale 220? I am considering one of these for pairing with Denon AVR X 1200W (as fronts). which one will pair better with Denon 1200W? I will eventually be building 5.1 setup...
  9. D

    Suggestions for my first home audio system

    I want to buy a home audio system My main concern are the floor standing speakers I ve narrowed it down to Klipsch RF 52 Jamo S 626 Polk audio RTiA 7 Q acoustics 2050i AJ SP FS 52 please suggest. My use will be 70 percent for music 30 percentfor movie
  10. D

    Best speakers system

    I want to buy a component home theater system My main concern are the floor standing speakers I ve narrowed it down to Polk Audio RTiA7 Klipsch RF 52 Q Acoustics 2050i Jamo S626 Andrew Jones SP FS 52 (ive haerd they are great for the price) i ll probably use it 70 percent for music 30...
  11. V

    Need some help choosing speakers for a marantz pm5004

    This is my first post on this forum, so hello everybody! I recently bought my first serious sound setup (i had a nad 3020 and some reasonable russian speakers before, but let's just say they weren't really waterproof :D) but i haven't managed to settle upon the speakers. So far i bought a...
  12. Nanu

    My First Home Theater...Please guide me :)

    Hello, Maybe its the anti-social in me but I rather watch a movie at home than in any theatre. Finally, I have started planning and building my first Home Theatre and I hope to get it kinda right. I now have my own place where I can dedicate half of my 25x11 bed room to my little home...
  13. Rupam

    Q Acoustics Dealer in Kolkata

    Just got a mail from Q Acoustics. Anyone interested in Q Acoustics in Kolkata can call +91 08697095512 Dear Sir, We are very happy for the keen interest shown on our product. We have a Dealer in Kolkata whom you can get in touch for the best service and price. Mr. KAVISH JAGWANI...