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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. subhobh

    SOLD Quad S2 speakers with Sound Foundation Optimus speaker stand

    **Requesting mods to close the thread.** Hi all - I am offering my Quad S2 bookshelf speakers with Sound foundation Optimus speaker stand. This pair of speakers deliver excellent, engaging, detailed sound with the ribbon tweeter. I bought it for the duel (bedroom) setup but never used it in...
  2. cybervinay

    For Sale Quad 510 Monoblock Amp Pair, Quad 240 Stereo Amp, Classe CP-35 Pre-Amp and 1 Single Quag 510 Power Amplifier

    Quad 510 Mono-blocks Pair - INR 75K for the Pair plus shipping charges SOLD Quad 240 Stereo Amplifier - INR 25K plus shipping charges SOLD Classe CP-35 Pre-Amplifier - Asking INR 22K plus shipping charges Quad 510 Mono-block - 1 Single Mono Amplifier - Asking INR 30K plus shipping charges I...
  3. S

    Suggestions and opinions for rock-heavy metal amps and speakers.

    Gday to everyone.I came across this forum a few days back and couldnt think of a better place to ask for suggestions for my first system that Im trying to put together.I dont own a turntable or a cdplayer,use my pc to play and stream music.A system especially for rock and heavy metal...
  4. A

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    Selling my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier for sale!! amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof construction! This power amplifier can be paired up with variety of pre-amplifiers like...
  5. B

    For Sale Harbeth C7ES3, Quad 99/909, Marantz KI Pearl Lite SACD

    I got the entire setup from a fellow forum member in Sep 2014. I'm an audio noob but he knew his stuff and built this combination very enthusiastically. He literally kept these like his babies but I couldn't do as good a job. Not that I was careless but because my 2.5yrs old son went close to...
  6. subhobh

    For Sale QUAD Monoblock Tube pre-power amplifier combo

    Would like to offer my beloved amplification (Monoblock tube power amplifier and tube pre-amplifier) chain for sale! I have original boxes, instruction manuals, warranty card and bill with me. These are extremely heavy, however shipping is possible. Here are the details: QUAD -...
  7. G

    Good price for Quad speakers

    I intend to give away my Quad Speakers. These are 11L series, and IMHO they sounded better than the newer L2 series when paired with a NAD C320BEE Amps. Since these speakers have been discontinued I'm not sure how much to quote for it. What do you guys feel is a good price to ask for them...
  8. S

    Buying a DAC

    Hello, I tried posting this morning but is has not appeared...so trying again I have just bought a Cyrus Stream X box which the salesman in the UK forgot to tell me needed a DAC to use with my Quad 306 (pre and power amp- which have been resurrected) I am also thinking of using the KEF R...
  9. S


    Hello All, I have just joined this forum - I have a Cyrus Stream X (brand new) and a set of Quads 306 (pre-amp and amp) - I just found the Quad's (1987 Vintage) - and have tested them and they work perfectly with a CD - the salesperson forgot to tell me that the Stream X needed a DAC (the XP...
  10. subhobh

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    I wanted to offer my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier (Elite Series Quad) for sale!! Though, I am not very fond of British amplifiers, still Id say, this amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof...
  11. Kevian

    Any Quad 22L2 owners in Hyderabad?

    Folks, Quad 22L2 speakers on Hifimart is really a mouth watering deal. Based on online reviews, these speakers seems to be good for both music and movies as well. So, I'd like to listen to these speakers before I make any decision. So, if any good soul in Hyderabad owns them, please...
  12. D

    For Sale Quad 11L w/stands like new for Rs20K

    Quad 11L 2-way bookshelf speakers Glass & metal speaker stands Price: Rs 16,000 for speakers and Rs 4000 for stands (no negotiation):cool: MRP for speakers: Rs 36,000 Age: 4 years (sole owner) Condition: 10/10 Like new Local pickup only Reason for selling: Upgrade to Thiel 1.6 The...
  13. A

    Finally going Active...Need some Help

    After spending a lot of time researching and some time auditioning (Constraints of my location) i have decided to go the active route for my first set of good speakers. As my source is my PC and the quality of tracks ranges from 320 KBps to Flac, i think active bookshelves make sense. I wanted...
  14. superbhikari

    HELP - Stereo Setup - Marantz, Quad, ????

    Hi Friends I am about to purchase the following equipments for my stereo setup - 1) Stereo Amp - Marantz PM 7001 (22k) 2) Quad 11L2 Bookshelf speakers (30k) I listen to Ghazals - Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh, Pankaj Udas, Old Hindi songs, Hindi Film Music especially AR Rehmaan and...
  15. D

    Quad 22L

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  16. B

    Manually adjusting Crossover Frequency on Denon 2309

    Hi Friends, My home theater setup includes the following:- Denon 2309 AV/Receiver (100 W RMS/channel) Quad 12 L2 Front Left/Right (100 W RMS) Quad L2 Center (100 W RMS) Quad 11 L2 Surround Left/Right (90 W RMS) Definitive SuperCube III SubWoofer (650W Digitally Switching) PS3 for...