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  1. amit11

    quality of power and quality of sound

    Hi Friends, Recently i had opportunity to try out 'how power quality affects sound quality'. The opportunity was not across all scenarios, rather it was limited to digital conversion. e.g. DAC where digital is converted to analog signal DDC where digital is converted to digital again In both...
  2. ShutterX

    Finally figured out what the deal with DACs is.

    I received my first DAC today. The SMSL Sanskrit 6th Gen. Plugged it in and installed the drivers. Played my favourite track and.... there was no difference whatsoever. Now, i was kinda worried that i just got fooled by the 'audiophile' hype that having a good DAC makes soooo much...
  3. ShutterX

    Has CD Quality actually gone down lately?

    I was wondering if the actual quality of recording in CD has actually gone down of late. I listen to my dads old CDs from the late 80's and 90's and they really sound good. I recently bought an old favourite from amazon, played a track on Media Monkey and the same track on Spotify. A and B...
  4. Rupam

    CD vs FLAC. Which is better?

    I need to get some CDs which need to be imported from abroad. The cost will be high. So I'm looking for FLAC as replacement which is at my disposal at minimum cost. My question is : is there any quality difference between Original CD (.cda file) vs FLAC ? These are mainly World Music from...
  5. K

    TurnTables Sound better than Digital !!! - Really ???

    For people who don't want to read a long article, Here I document my Journey from -> Like (to) Hate (and then to) Love Turntables. Well before I start my rant let me first share my beginings , After reading about how turntables are the last word in audio fidelity , I had to try it. I wanted...
  6. Adhiraj

    Intersting article : Cable quality Vs. Performance

    Expensive HDMI cables make no difference - the absolute proof | Expert Reviews Interesting article , I wonder if the results will be similar when Analog line sources are considered .
  7. S

    Suggestions to buy new Tv

    Hello, I am a new joiner to this forum. Recently, I was going through many threads regarding buying a new TV on this forum. I liked this forum posts so I decided to join myself. I am bit confused about plasmas. This will be my first non-crt tv. LEDs have better quality but I am biased...