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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. amit11

    wooden rack for diy

    Hi friends, i was looking out for audio rack. but it seems like the cost of ready-made racks is very high and they are as such not made in India. I was thinking if possible to build a wooden rack with three shelves, at home. The idea is something like this. Also pics for diagram attached...
  2. M

    Best amplifier for Focal Aria 906

    Hi! I'm going to use focal aria 906 speakers on a rack. What is the best amp for them? Under 2000 euros preferably and with a phono input. Maybe Unison Research Unico? Croft? Sonetteer? Rega elicit-r? (a bit more but still) Anything else? What would be a good match? Or maybe it's too much for...
  3. K

    Custom HiFi Rack using extruded aluminium. (Maybe DIY)

    After failing to find a good AV rack at reasonably price, I decided a custom design from Extruded Aluminium would be better. I had seen it used for factory racks. It worked out relatively cheap for its size and offers the flexibility of moving the Racks Up and Down with an Alan Key to...
  4. S

    For Sale Babel CD/DVD Storage Rack

    Imported floor-standing CD/DVD/VHS Rack. A copy of Boltz, USA. Adjustable shelving, depending on your requirements. Will hold a max 495 CDs, or 245 DVDs, or 112 VHS. I have literature that gives you the various permutation and combination, in case you wish to stack all three formats. Available...
  5. S

    For Sale Audio Rack

    Custom built by Sound Foundations (famous Ali bhai of Magma of Mumbai) in 2011. Holds 4 components, can take 100 kilos of weight. Fully adjustable brackets. I've experimented with granite and plexi glass hence have both. In tip-top condition. I had two of these. An original from England & a...
  6. O

    Query: Looking for LP rack from pepperfry.com

    Guys, I am looking for a rack which could store atleast 1000 LPs each. I sorted out few things - Sheesham Wood Tall Book Rack | Racks & Book Cases | Book Racks | Pepperfry Product 12 Shelf Display Unit In Sheesham Wood | Racks & Book Cases | Shelves | Pepperfry Product Sheesham Wood...
  7. sydney

    AV Cabinet/Rack for home use

    Hi Looking out for an AV rack, to accommodate LCD TV (40"), Amp, Stabilizer, spike busters, PS3, DAC, STB ...........other equipment (future use). Any one please could you suggest a suitable product (along with dealer in bangalore & prices if any) Checked the Gautier Orys TV cabinet (14K +...
  8. M

    complete audio setup

    hi! Ive got a NAD C325BEE, NAD 525 and Monitor audio br2. i would like to build a rack to place these equipment with wood (local carpenter). In addition i want it to house my CDs and make room for a turntable. At what height and angle should the speakers be placed. I am planning to have a...