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  1. SachinChavan

    My Surprising Choice of Streaming Service

    Hi guys, like all of you I have been pandered by a plethora of streaming apps/services. After a longish stint with Tidal I was finally getting upset with its sound quality (the resolution notwithstanding), boring interface and relatively unintelligent music prediction. So, over the last two...
  2. haisaikat

    Vintage Valve Radio at Sarat Chandra Kuthi

    Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, eminent Bengali writer of the pre-independence era, is known for several of his wonderful creations, one of the most notable of them being Devdas. He had built a house in 1923 on the Banks of river Rupnarayan in the Samta village of Howrah district of Bengal. The...
  3. Music Freak


    Hello! Up for sale is my Yamaha T-85 Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner, regarded as the best Audiophile Tuner manufactured by Yamaha ever, available for pick up in Bangalore. One of the many prominent features include the Dynamic Auto Blend Circuit. When signal quality is low, stereo programs...
  4. E

    Philips Singapore 508, year 1982

    Friends pleasw see following link. I want this Radio Cassette Recorder with excellent Radio SW band reception, under any circumstances. Kindly respond if you have it ie you know where I can get it? : https://picclick.com/VINTAGE-RADIO-CASSETTE-PLAYER-RECORDER-PHILIPS-SPATIAL-508-323638739321.html
  5. surendar

    For Sale Sony Walkman WM-FX407 Radio Cassette Player Sealed Pack

    For sale is a Sony Walkman WM-FX407. Unused and still in blister sealed pack. The headphone sponge appears to show some sign of deterioration due to ageing which can be seen through the packing. Otherwise in great condition. This model is from year 1994. Expected price Rs 10,000/-
  6. B

    Setting Tuner to 'even' frequency

    Hi all - I have an Onkyo TX-nr525 system where I am looking to play the radio at frequencies like (95.0, 104.0, etc.) Challenge is that the tuner seems to accept only odd digits after the decimal point. When I do an Auto setup, it goes from 94.9 to straight 95.1 - similarly for 103.9 to...
  7. parambir

    For Sale iLuv iPod docking station

    Hello friends I am selling my beloved iLuv iPod docking station. It is about 5 years old and I am the first owner. It has been used by me personally (not even by wife :ohyeah:) There is no fault with the system. Reason for sale - I am not using it anymore. Bundled item - 80 GB iPod in a...
  8. L

    Sound System for a small Gym

    We have a small gym, about 20' x 25' in size located in the basement of our clubhouse. I am looking for a budget sound system which we can install without too much of wiring hassels. In fact, if there is a bluetooth speaker system with a usb slot, individuals can pair up and play the music from...
  9. B

    For Sale Sony Dream Machine FM/AM Radio (us power only 110v) and some more items

    Hi All, Have some items for sell requires 110v to operate. 1) Sony Dream Machine AM/FM radio. Bought in US from walmart. Power input: 110 v expected price: Rs 500 2) VR Dream Viewer. Bought from ebay.in Expected price: Rs 600 3) Xbox 360 slim power adapter...
  10. V


    Hi All, It was nice to see this community. I am in the process of restoring old stuff to its working condition, trying my best to get the original parts and looks. It is a serious hobby for me and not doing it for money. I do my own carpentry, electronics, and painting. I am a software...
  11. jawedsoft

    want to buy radio in Mumbai: where?

    Hi group. I have been following the discussions in this section of the forum for the past few days. I want to buy the Tecsun PL-660 receiver for my personal use. I have been looking around in South Mumbai. The shopkeepers are very ignorant and its difficult to explain to them what I am...
  12. K

    Help in Buying a FM radio

    I am looking to buy a decent FM radio with built in speakers and Audio-in (3.5 mm) port. My budget is 10k. iPOD dock would be welcome but is not a necessary. Right now i am using one of the Ihome iPOD docks and I am not happy with its FM reception. Anyway it is old now with all the buttons...
  13. R

    hi everyone audiophiles

    i have joined today . it took so long to find this forum.:o i am an audio/radio phile from old tube versions 6L6G times. hope to share our experiences mutually in the widw world of electronics from time looong.
  14. R

    Logitech Squeezebox Duet

    My impressions of Squeezebox Duet, after a week of usage I bought a Squeezebox Duet a few days back and this post captures a few of my observations over the last 1 week of using it, and learning from various internet forums. Disclaimer: These are my personal observations though, arising from...