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rca cables

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  1. G

    For Sale QED profile rca interconnect cable 1 metre Whathifi 5 star rating

    QED profile rca interconnect cable 1 metre for sale. What HiFi 5 star rating cable. Length -1m Age -14 months Ownership- first owner Asking price -2800 rupees Condition - gently used Will check for box, if available, will ship it in box. Shipping anywhere to India at buyers cost.
  2. heliumflight

    What cable has most influences on your systems sound?

    Hello Friends, I got myself Dueland 16awg speaker cables and excited to test them at thome today. In that pursuit I came up with a thought which I throw up on HFV. · Speaker cable · Interconnect to source · Pre amp to amp interconnect · Phono cable · Power cable HiFi Rig: Cambridge Audio...
  3. Kannan

    For Sale Monoprice, MX and ntech cables

    Unused Monoprice, MX and ntech analogue interconnects/cables. All these cables were purchased in May. MONOPRICE: Two numbers 3.5 feet Monoprice Premium series RCA stereo cable Rs. 500 each. One number 3.5 feet Monoprice Premium series 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable (for connection...
  4. A

    DAC RCA vs DIY RCA using CAT 5 cable

    Hi every one, Need advise from you.. My stereo Chain is - Technics TT - Schiit Mani - Onkyo Receiver - Dali FS I bought DAC ARA040 2RCA Interconnect Cable and compared it with my DIY stereo RCA connector using CAt 5 cable 12" Length, played few of my fev songs 2-3 times and here confusion...
  5. K

    Blown away by the DAC rca cable

    I recently got into budget highend audio and was highly skeptical that there will be a actual difference in soundquality between locally made rca cables and so called "audiophile" rca cables,i asked one of my audiophile buddies and he said there is a huge difference between them,i finally gave...
  6. A

    Right angle to 90 degree RCA cables

    Hi FM's. I am looking for some good RCA Cable specifically( right angle to 90 degree RCA) since the traditional cables get damaged when it get pulled down by mistake or rubbing on the back surface (Wall). I am trying to get one to connect my DVD and amp but mostly i could see only the...
  7. H

    For Sale QED Silver Anniversary-XT Speaker cables & VDH D102 MK111

    Hi All, I am going to sell my new cables which is imported from ebay UK 1. QED Silver Anniversary-XT Speaker cable 3m pair with third party hi quality Banana connector terminated by the UK seller.The condition is brand new not much used.Expecting 5k (including shipping) 2. VDH D102 mkIII RCA...
  8. H

    Van den hul d102 mkiii 50cm hi-end interconnect cables

    Dear Forum members I have bought one pair of VAN DEN HUL D102 MKIII 50CM HI-END INTERCONNECT CABLES from ebay UK the seller name is sammybalamy. The cables seems to be original but the connectors are different not van den hul that he mentioned in the description but the sound quality is...