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rca to 5.1

  1. kishoresee

    5.1 thru RCA ??

    hey guys i have small n basic level question i have philips 5.1 DVD player and i bot a HT (5.1 Dolby n DTS ). my doubt is can i use stereo ( old red n white clurd ) cables ? can i get Dobly digital effects thr this cable ?? please clear my doubt :indifferent14:
  2. V

    RCA(White and Red Cable) to 5.1 cable converter

    Hello All, I have purchased a Tata Sky HD and I want to connect it to my 5.1 surround sond which has no coaxil etc.....It is A DVD Home Theatre System and it only has a RCA Auxilairy Port.....but it supports 5.1 surround sound....I was wondering as RCA is only Left and Right Speakers and the...