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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. V

    For Sale Silvercom Reference Analogue RCA & Atlas Mavros BNC Digital Interconnects

    Up for sale is the cables listed below. 1. Silvercom Reference RCA Interconnects. 1m long. Approximately two years old. Second owner. Bought abroad. Condition 9/10. No box available. Expected price Rs.24,000. 2. Atlas Mavros Digital Interconnect. BNC connectors at both ends. 1m long. One year...
  2. A

    SOLD RCA Interconnect Cables (DAC - Designer Audio Cable) (1 Pair)

    - 1 pair, 1 meter each, terminated with gold plated RCAs - I am the original owner. Purchased directly from Designer Audio in Nov 2016. - Condition: very good (except for a bit of tarnishing on the outside of the barrel - this should not affect the signal quality) - For more information: their...
  3. A

    For Sale Garage sale - Supra Ply speaker cable 3m, Sound Diffuser, Heavy Steel Speaker stands, Sommer RCA cables

    Hello everyone, Up for sale is a list of goodies that I have had lying around. 1. Sound Foundation solid MS stands - Rs. 12,000 - only local Mumbai pickup This was custom made by Ali for me. They are finished flawlessly, come with adjustable spikes, gel pads on the top plate and they are...
  4. MaSh

    SOLD Klotz Interconnect Cables

    Hi Members, Selling my KLOTZ MC5000 with Canare RCA termination, Interconnect Cables which I have been using for around 2 years. The pair was picked up along with a pair of KLOTZ speaker cables from a fellow member. The cables are beautifully made and sound absolutely neutral. The length is...
  5. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted RCA Interconnects

    Looking for Groneberg and/or VH Audio interconnects. Anyone parting with them? You can also leave me a message in case you are parting with any other ICs too. Regards.
  6. amit11

    For Sale RCA cable - Chord C-Line

    Hi Friends, Putting up for sale a pair of RCA cable. Chord C-Line Had purchased exactly last year in Aug-2017. Cosmetic wise 9/10. (one point less due to aging, other wise very much new) Letting go for Rs. 2350/- plus shipping. (I had purchased for Rs. 3100/-) Reason for selling: Had later...
  7. D

    Connect Philips HTS3000 (10 yr old) to Tata Sky Or Samsung 40" LED

    Hello Guys, This is my first thread here. Will try to obey all the rules. I have a 10 yr odd old Philips HTS system. I want to use it to connect to my TataSky STB along with the Samsung 40" LED TV. The problem is that the AVR of the HTS3000 has RCA input (6 channel analog) and the STB/TV...
  8. amit11

    Want the same bass again

    Hi Friends, I have observed in my system after introducing tube buffer. When the tubes are the stock tubes, the low end / bass is present. When I put NOS Sylvania tubes, the low end goes away. So far ok. I prefer the sound via the NOS tubes, but the only thing is less bass and punch. I...
  9. K

    For Sale AV Accessories Part 2

    Few more to my previous list 5. Cambridge Audio 500 Series RCA 1mtr - Dark Blue Color - asking 1500/- (bought these for 2.4k) 6. Banana Plugs - Don't know the brand name, but they did their duty for all the channels totally available 8 pairs(the picture shows only 6 though), bought these...
  10. A

    Low sound on my new Yamaha YST-SW012 subwoofer

    My main question is do i need to purchase new Receiver or some pre-amp or Fiio amplifier? My system -->> Philips MCD-290/98 with 2 bass reflex speaker(15w RMS each), It has "subwoofer out" labelled port(RCA Type). Also in the manual its written that it is for connecting Active Subwoofer...
  11. K

    Denon X2000 RCA Input

    Hi - I have a Wii system (old) which does not have a HDMI connection. Have the RCA connection (Yellow,Red,White) cable. How to connect wii to the receiver? On the remote I see only HDMI inputs. How to select the Wii? The connection from Receiver to TV is via the HDMI cable. Do see some...
  12. R

    DIY Subwoofer Cable Suggestions

    I need to make a subwoofer cable for running it in wall. I used regular coaxial cable RG6 (TV cable) earlier for a 10meter run which worked without any issue. I need to run now permanently a sub cable for around 12-13meter. Which cable should i buy? Also need some rca interconnects. Any place...
  13. Kannan

    For Sale THX Certified 5-meter 3-channel RCA Interconnect cable

    Interest Check: Listing MX reference series 5-meter 3-channel RCA interconnect cable. Pure audiophile grade, THX certified. Model 2578B. Sealed connectors with screw lock mechanism only found in the most expensive cables. Built like a tank and imported directly by MX. These can compete and...
  14. S

    For Sale Furutech Interconnect Cable RCA Terminated

    Selling Furutech FA 220 Cable Terminated with CF-102 R RCA locking connectors High end performance, Carbon Fiber Finish RCA Alpha-OCC Rhodium Plated Male connector Length 1.2meters. These RCA connectors have a superb finish more like a piece of jewelry I am the first owner. Bought...
  15. dheerajin

    For Sale Van Den Hul -The Name Inter connect

    Placing my nearly new Van den Hul Interconnect -The Name for sale. With original Box and packing. Length One meter. asking price-6000Rs. shipping included. no negotiations. Reason for sale-degrading to cheaper efficient cables:) Pics attached. PM me if interested. Cheers Dheeraj
  16. R

    Using rj45 or internet cable as rca cable

    I need to connect a subwoofer and my house is prewired with all cables but no subwoofer cable. I have a internet wire running and wanted to know if it is possible to solder rca plugs at each end and use it as a subwoofer cable as it is not possible to run a cable. Will it be fine if i use...
  17. RMCWS

    RoarR210 connectivity issue

    I am unable to connect my Sonodyne roarr210 subwoofer with my Yamaha 373. The SW came with 2 RCA cable, one for left and other for right. However, the avr has just 1 point for subwoofer. How do I connect it? Do I need another RCA cable with 2 jacks at one end and only a single jack at the...
  18. R

    WBT NextGen RCA connectors

    Anyone got any to spare? Or anyone knows if it's available in India? Need one unbalanced stereo set (4 connectors). If anyone wants to sell used ones, that's acceptable too, provided it's not used much and contacts are pristine/non-eroded. TIA.
  19. Z

    For Sale Transparent Audio / Van Den Hul / Chord / Straightwire Analog & Digital Rca Cables

    Transparent Audio / Van Den Hul / Chord / Straightwire Analog & Digital Rca Cables Clearing off some of my used analog & digital rca interconnects. Most of the cables are less than a year old and all are in excellent condition. Details of the cables are mentioned below 1. Brand/Model...
  20. Z

    Unable to connect Stereo amplifier to Bluray Player

    Dear All I have a Samsung 3D Bluray player BD D5500, which has only 2 output connectors at the back. One is HDMI and the other is Digital Coaxial Audio OUT. I have a stereo amplifier, Marantz PM 15S2, which has only RCA Audio IN jacks. Pls. tell me how should I connect this bluray player to the...