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rear speakers

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. V

    Need suggestion on Subwoofer and rear speakers

    My current system includes Dali Zensor 3 front speakers and Elac B5 as surround with Denon x2300 AVR. Please suggest budget subwoofer options for my system available in India(Pune) around 20k. My living room is 9' x 14', please suggest subwoofer size. As I am planning to keep in corner of wall...
  2. A

    Boston Acoustics XS-Satellite as Rears

    Hi, I have AJ BS22 as front and C22 as center with Marants 1504. I am planning to add BA XS as Rear. Pair is available at htstore.in for 5500Rs. Can someone tell if these will blend with current setup ? Any review for these as rears. living room is small 10 X 12 with opening from left.
  3. S

    Peerless driver for HT

    Hi, I want to build 1 centre speaker and 2 rear speaker. Only movie purpose and My AVR is Yamaha RX V-371. what will be best driver to build those. Tweeter section already choose Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT For woofer i am confused please help me on this...
  4. Vijay_s

    Need advise on Rear Speakers for Focal HT setup

    My current HT setup is 3.1 and planning to expand it to 5.1. Current Usage : 50% Music, 30% regular TV watching & 20% Movies & PS3 games Last few weeks I was doing some research on timbre-matching of the speakers in HT system . Many of the home theater forums have 50% opinion favoring...